I enjoy making fire, because it makes people feel warm
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Lauris is the spirit of the office, irrespective weather those are the numerous jokes for any occasion he has in his luggage or a basket of autumn apples, which he has picked in the morning to remind the colleges about the beauty of the autumn.

Zane has chosen to live in a beautiful world of internal and external beauty, where fragrances and aromas are of importance, however the uppermost value are harmonious relations with the closest people.

We are all fans of mangled English translations from Asia, but there is a certain added beauty in this site for a Latvian law firm, which boasts "professional, fast and qualitative translations" while "introducing a spirit of poetics in the daily routine of the office".
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Don't settle for a non-qualitative translation!
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Feels otherworldly. Sometimes the most beautiful things come from the mouths of non-native speakers. A Korean exchange student in my Creative Writing class, despite being only moderately inspired, made some lovely accidental poetry. It was the same fresh language you hear from children.

Maybe I should stop my Spanish studies at the intermediate level and write sweetly awkward Romance-language verses.
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More commenting later.
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I love this:

With friends and colleagues Andris is open and sincere, endowed with a good sense of humour. He even treats himself with a healthy dose of humour – you will never hear that Andris has gone for skiing during the holydays if he will not be sure of the total correspondence of the meaning of the word skiing with his undertaken activities. The best answer you will most probably hear from him is that he has been sliding down the hill on the skis, and was attempting to perform it in vertical position.

Very nice. I like these people.
posted by taz at 3:01 AM on April 14, 2005

I'm torn... these are lovely, quirky descriptions, but the translator in me wants to hold them up as an example of why it's better to get a native speaker to translate your stuff...

Not that I could translate from Latvian, admittedly. And perhaps they get their important stuff translated properly.
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They have all bluechip clients, so i guess it's not hurting them. I like the poetic stuff, but it seems very unprofessional in my eyes.
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The work of lawyers corresponds the modern aviation most precisely
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She is not the person to engage into couch-potato like activities, nor she would accept doing absolutely nothing, instead you will find Zane amidst bag-packers hitch-hiking round the Europe or enjoying the company of friends in the open air installation art museum in Pedvale.

Like taz, I like these people. If I ever get to Riga, I'll drop in and say hi.
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Zane is hot.
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I like this one:

Martins is unusually dynamic – he is just like a water-plant, a sparkler, an explosive…

Both Zanes are hot.

I like them too. But honestly - don't any of these people know English speakers in Riga?
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Inese is hotter
posted by bashos_frog at 2:16 PM on April 14, 2005

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