At least it's better than B.C.
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Inside the process, Francesco Marciuliano, writer for Sally Forth and Medium Large, blogs about the world of comic strip writing. [link via Comics Curmudgeon]
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Ten times better/funnier than the actual comic strip. Who woulda thunk it? I wonder what a blog by Johnny Hart would look like? Probably something like this, actually.
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This is fantastic! Going into my Daily Checks list. Thanks!
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It never occurred to me that comic strips would be a situation where writer != artist. I think it's because some strips have such crappy art that I have that impression...
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Unfortunately, Sally Forth is one of the strips where the art and the writing are in an exciting daily slugfest to determine which will wind up being the biggest insult to human civilization.

That said, this is pretty good readin'. Maybe this guy should quit writing the godawful strip and syndicate this instead.
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This is good stuff. Cartoons are a bit of a hobby for me. I have collected Doonsbury, Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes and many others for years.
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Like a lot of people, I'm sure, I was surprised when I learned that Sally Forth was written by a man; the sensibility and humor of the strip had always struck me as genuinely feminine. Thanks for posting the link.
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Apparently it has always been a guy thing:

Cartoonist Greg Howard created Sally Forth in 1982 and wrote and drew the strip for nearly 10 years until professional cartoonist, Craig Macintosh began drawing. Howard continued writing the strip until 1999, when he decided to pursue other creative interests. The talented Francesco Marciuliano now writes the popular strip with artist Craig Macintosh.
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This is really interesting, thanks. I'm a bit startled that someone can blog this way while writing such a mainstream, boring strip; very interesting disconnect.

Plus, I'd never seen Comics Curmudgeon before, and gawd, that's a brilliant site. So, thanks for a fantastic post all around.
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Definitely has a blogging while nobody's watching vibe. Don't miss the pointed criticism of the neo-right Prickly City. As well as this gem:
Step One: It's 4 P.M. Get Out of Bed.
Why did "BC" cartoonist Johnny Hart give himself over to God, and then to total madness? Because writing a comic strip is a lonely, dispiriting, depressing enterprise teaming with self-doubt, self-loathing and self-employment. To combat such demons some cartoonists turn to God. Others turn to drink. Absolutely none turn to sex, given that the average cartoonist makes a Dick Tracy villain look like Clive Owens by comparison. And such a self-realization can be far to harsh for one soul to take. You see, we cartoonists are not a handsome lot. And lord knows few of us can earn a living wage practicing our art. Now true, we do possess hours upon hours of free time within which to masturbate, but that hardly makes up for not meeting new people or being unable to afford ADA-approved toothpaste. But why is the actual act of writing a comic strip so depressing? Because when you get right down to it it's just you and your thoughts, and there's nothing like being left alone with your thoughts to realize that the last creative idea you had was way back in 1975 when you decided to make a bionic frog by inserting a pen spring into the patient's hind leg, only to wind up with a paraplegic amphibian.
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Why is it that Terry Schaivo can be put to rest, but Sally Forth can not? Three freakin' artists? Two writers? Sheeeeyit, boys, kill it already and start something new.
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