Mother, there is no other.
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Treat your mother right, fool (windows media file, mid-80's synth, mohawked and bejewelled b-list celeb).
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I find it hard to call Mr T a B-list celeb. Its difficult to name a more recognizable icon.

But umm... was there ever a point in history where anyone thought the shorts he was wearing in that vid were a good idea for male fashion?
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This is an excerpt from mr T's inspirational masterwork "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool," which...which...well, it transcends all my feeble attempts at description. Do you ever have moments where you are overwhelmed by the utter bizarreness and ridiculous surreality of American culture and can't do anything but gape and stare? Watching that movie is like six mind-bending lifetimes' worth of those moments condensed into an hour. it is truly glorious to behold.
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Where the hell did he pull that microphone from?
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More on BSOBSF, with some clips.
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Memories!! During my freshman year in college one of the kids down the hall from me had some of these mp3's that he put on the server. We'd play them while playing drinking games :-)

I had no idea their were videos though. Someone told me he apparently had some big falling out with his mother that was all over the tabloids in the 80's and this was some sort of reaching out sort of thing. Could be and probably is complete bullshit.

Great stuff :-)
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Anyone have a link to video of Hulk Hogan's "I Wanna Be A Hulkmaniac". This would be the perfect bookend.
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be somebody.
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Because if you don't be somebody,
you're gonna be somebody's fool.

My favorite part of BSOBSF happens during the 'Anger Management' segment, when Mr. T and his posse of schoolchildren are sitting around a picnic table having lunch. Mr. T is passing food around and he flubs his line but the cameras keep rolling:
"More pickles-- uh, relish, I think this is-- how 'bout it, Jimmy?"

A few years ago I sampled that line, added a massive beat punctuated with car horns and turned it into a hip-hop track called 'More Pickles Uh Relish.'
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I happen to have 2 full Mr. T albums and a 45 on 1 cd. Scary huh? I got it as a pledge preium from KFAI in Minnepolis.
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Haha. I got that VHS when Hollywood Video was selling their old rentals. Best 3 dollars I've spent on a video!

Also, Ice-T helped write the songs that Mr.T performs in the video. Ice-T and Afrika Islam also helped Mr. T put out an album around the same time (which also has some classic tunes).

on preview - probably the same stuff wheelieman mentioned
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OK, who's the boy in the intro to "mother"? the one who's so skinny his eyes are in single file? its driving me crazy...IMDB just lists the members of New Edition and i dont think its bell biv devoe or bobby b, so who?
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posted by KevinSkomsvold: Anyone have a link to video of Hulk Hogan's "I Wanna Be A Hulkmaniac". This would be the perfect bookend.

Indeed. And the Chicago Bears singing The Super Bowl Shuffle would fit nicely between the two.
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Mother. There is no other.
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I owned that album. Ex-girlfriend sold it, my life has never been the same.
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I will always, treat my mother right now.
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provocateur : that's driving me insane. I definitely recognize that kid from somewhere. I'll get back to you on it.
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who knew Mr. T had such great flow?

and there were a great number of things (or combinations of things) about T that were never fashionable. That was what made him so memorable. :)

I recall that the first time I saw him was on a show called "Games People Play" and he was taking part in a Bouncer (as in bar) competition that had the contestants running a maze through a bar set, leaping over the bar, dodging shit, and ultimately crashing through a break-away wall and ringing a bell to signal that they'd finished. When it came time for T to run the course, he smashed through rather impressively, and actually pulled the bell right off the wall!
Dude was already dressing in his outrageous way, with just a few less chains (probably to keep him down to his "fighting weight" :)...Let me just say that he made an impression.
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