Gibby's Game Room
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On the trail of The Collector comes The Game Room. What a rubbish television.
posted by Pretty_Generic (14 comments total)
Well, who can afford a big-screen when all the money goes for the games? That'd be a good friend to have, though. "Hey, can I borrow your NES and Excitebike?"
posted by blendor at 6:21 PM on April 16, 2005

Is that a VIC 20?
posted by euphorb at 7:19 PM on April 16, 2005


hmmm, do i have a problem if that room slightly arouses me?
posted by muddgirl at 8:17 PM on April 16, 2005

Can I come over after school? I promise I'll put everything back!
posted by fungible at 8:31 PM on April 16, 2005

I don't understand... why is it called The Game Room?
posted by shmegegge at 9:19 PM on April 16, 2005

I wonder why he doesn't have a TurboGrafx 16 or a PC Engine. His collection seems very North American centric.
posted by abez at 9:58 PM on April 16, 2005

I feel a lot better about myself now, thanks!
posted by keswick at 10:16 PM on April 16, 2005

I too once had an Atari 2600 with Adventure, and Asteroids. But then I discovered girls.

Game Over, dude!
posted by fandango_matt at 12:21 AM on April 17, 2005

Hmmm - the Collector has gone off the web, at least at the address given in the referenced thread. I do wonder whether it had anything to do with you guys stomping all over his hobby-house. What was that de Tocqueville said about America?
posted by TimothyMason at 2:47 AM on April 17, 2005

TimothyMason, I found The Collector's page here.
Clicking Main Menu -> My Collections will take you down the wormhole...
posted by Fofer at 6:23 AM on April 17, 2005

Timothy, I believe the quote you are lloking for was:
"I remember that while I was traveling through the forests which still cover the state of Alabama, I arrived one day at the log house of a pioneer. I did not wish to penetrate into the dwelling of the American, but retired to rest myself for a while on the margin of a spring, which was not far off, in the woods. I could see into the cabin and spied a sort of barbarous luxury of electronic games. These various little artifices were used to attract the attention of children. Everything from Pong to the latest churning blood spectacle rated M for so-called mature audiences.

I had approached the cabin and was contemplating it in silence, but my curiosity was probably displeasing to the cabin's owner, for he suddenly rose, pushed the door closed, and, giving me an angry look, plunged into the thicket." Democracy in America.
posted by Cassford at 6:25 AM on April 17, 2005

Why the collector went offline . . .

"My Collections Page...
...has been withdrawn since being flooded with unkind and rude emails as a result of the link and unfounded, un-called for comments at B3TA.
I have put a lot of effort into my site for the benefit of everyone and don't expect to receive abuse in exchange.
For the time being I am not prepared to share my collections."

Blame b3ta, a British site (with frequent postings of wonderous photoshop animals), not us.
posted by kingfisher, his musclebound cat at 8:03 AM on April 17, 2005

Due to positive reinforcement from nicer people though, The Collector put his site back online. I posted the link above.
posted by Fofer at 8:56 AM on April 17, 2005

Heh. I've got more Sega Master System games than that.
posted by anagrama at 10:17 AM on April 17, 2005

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