Ivor Cutler
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Ivor Cutler - poet, musician, Glaswegian. I first enjoyed Cutler's touching, funny, and often surreal performances on the John Peel Show; and so I was delighted to find a small group of Cutler fans dedicated to spreading the Word of Ivor online. There's some audio links here, including Questionnaire, Little Black Buzzer, and Good Morning How Are You Shut Up. For Ivor fans, there's much more over at Yahoo Group's ivor-list.
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im happy ! im happy ! PUNCH !

great post !
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Oh thank you! This is wonderful! Years ago, I borrowed "Large et Puffy" from a friend and adored it. I'm so pleased to see what else Cutler has done.
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Doggone you, carter. Now I have to dig out my vinyl and listen to Ivor's Peel Sessions again. Do you have any idea how much junk I'll have to dig through to find the LP? Thanks a bunch!
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Ivor Cutler is one of my absolute favourites, not just because he writes about where I grew up. Whenever I speak in public (and especially if recorded) I begin to sound extremely like him.

He is fabulous live (just don't whistle; he has sensitive ears, and may storm off the stage). Apparently he signs copies of his books he finds in bookstores in London. I was browsing in Foyle's, and the copy of Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, vol 2 I picked up had his familiar myelin-deficient scrawl.

One of my favourite Cutler pieces is "A Real Man" [MP3]. Anything on Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, vol 2 is fantastic.
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I ate a lady's bun. (and a fine post Carter...)
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Ivor Cutler's contributions to Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom are great.
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My dad was into him in the 60s, so when I started hearing him on John Peel in became interested. I was lucky enough to see him perform a couple of times in the last few years - very entertaining.
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You can listen to streamed tracks from Rock Bottom here.

I like Ivor.
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Of himself, Cutler says:- "I'm an ordinary little man, who can be seen any Sunday morning at the pond, feeding his children to the ducks"
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Excellent. Jake Thackray and Ivor Cutler inside a week, or thereabouts. Can we have Viv Stanshall next?
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Excellent post, carter, thanks!

I wrote about my letter from Ivor Cutler in a recent AskMeFi thread.
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Coincidentally, I was with the guy who gave me the Jake Thackray CD on Monday and we were talking about Ivor Cutler, and how we were both turned on to him by listening to him on John Peel's old Sunday Sessions.

> Can we have Viv Stanshall next?

A punk stopped me on the street. He said 'Have you got a light, Mac?'
I said, 'No, but I've got a dark brown overcoat...'

Oh fuck. I've turned into my father...
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mummy...my teddy stopped breathing...

ah, that used to drive my mum bonkers
and make my dad proud

I really need to dig up Ivor Cutler and Viv Stanshall's recordings again. Thank for the reminder.

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I once stood up to give him my seat on the tube at Tottenham Court Road. We got chatting and he gave me a handful of little labels - the kind where you get 500 printed up with your name and address. Except these ones bore funny little poems of his. He wore a daffodil tucked into the band of his hat and told me that it's terrible to grow old.
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Dan B, you just got given "Befriend a Bacterium", which you're supposed to stick around places that need it.

Now playing: Ivor Cutler — Egg Meat (MP3).
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