"Mister President! Duck!"
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"Mister President! Duck!" - I've always wanted to say that. =)
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Okay okay.. for those of you who hate clicking on every link posted to MetaFilter, here's the summary.

Back in 1811, this guy named Chief Tecumseh was a bit ticked off at General William Henry Harrison. Why? Cuz Harrison's army (sort of) won the Battle of Tippecanoe and had many Native Americans killed, not to mention he made Tecumseh look real stupid. Talk about sore losers. Anyway, Tecumseh put a curse on Harrison and added that every twenty years the curse would land on whoever was president that year.

Harrison didn't get elected until 1840, and that's when this whole thing started. For one hundred and forty years, the curse seemed to be The Real McCoy. Or it could just be sheer luck and coincidence. Ever since, without fail, a president has died in office every twenty years. Most of the time it was due to assassinations but a couple of times it was for more boring reasons, like too much sushi or something.

The last time was in 1980, when Reagan had an assassination attempt made on him. He survived. It's believed by some that Reagan's faith in God and general happy-go-lucky attitude (he was cracking jokes in the hospital) somehow broke the curse.

Considering how divided this country is, and how many people in this country have guns, I think it would be quite a shock if whoever is proclaimed president elect doesn't end up riding around in The Popemobile.
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Isn't it illegal (slander or something) to call the president a duck? Oh well...
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