Missing him already?
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Missing him already? His fellow Americans will miss him - more, perhaps, than they realise. They'll miss the two terms of peace and record prosperity, of course, but they might even miss the psychodrama: an eight-year roller-coaster ride so turbulent that those who followed it become queasy at the recollection. They'll miss the daily triumphs and disasters of a character of Shakespearean complexity, a President who stirred in Americans passions of love and hatred unseen since the days of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon - and almost never aroused by a single man. Above all, they will miss his signature feature, one that may well have redefined the presidency itself: an almost eerie gift for empathy.
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A thought-provoking column, one that's already provoked a fair number of thoughts here.
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oops! Didn't realise this article was already posted. I still reserve my judgement about Clinton. But I did thoroughly enjoy the article and thought others might enjoy it too. Hence the post. Sorry for the duplication.
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