Bennett's tirade on Larry King: Does anyone have a transcript?

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Bennett's tirade on Larry King: Does anyone have a transcript?
I'm curious. This is the only web mention I've managed to dig up.
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No, but I saw that aforementioned tirade. It wasn't on Larry King (unless he was there too), it was on another CNN show where they first talked to him and then to a top Gore official. Bennett's other point besides calling elections too early, and "a plague on all your houses" (direct quote) to the media, was to denounce early rumblings of legal action from the Gore camp. Those two interviews together were very interesting. If you find the transcript, post it!

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Hmm. Bad pronoun antecedent. I meant to say "unless he appeared on Larry King as well" instead.

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I saw this interview within minutes of CNN recalling Florida as "undecided". He was talking to LK with the LKL background. (But it was not LKL, just a commentary between results that happened to be on that set at that time.) There were no rumbles of legal action at that time because no recount had been triggered. That would make the time about 6:30-7:00 PST on Tuesday ... I guess.
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