Disenfranchised felons
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Disenfranchised felons the difference in Florida. ITN has a story with some actually numbers.
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correct link to ITN front page.
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I thought it was Federal law that convicted felons cannot vote. You can't vote in MN if you are a convicted felon, regardless of time served. In Texas, however, if you've fulfilled your sentance, you can vote. A court case in PA where plantifs argued their rights were being trampled by not being able to vote was thrown out. According to this report 46 states, plus D.C. have laws that prevent felons from voting. I think some people are making a big deal out of what's been the case for years.

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you need to read your sentencing project source link again. the federal government had some discussions to restore franchise rights to convicted felons, that individual states had taken away. 46 states restrict franchise rights for varying lengths, but 14 can take them away forever.
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Turns out some voters may have been disenfranchised when they shouldn't have been.
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This election was so close, pretty much any factor can be "blamed" for who won or lost. The recent edition of "This Modern World" half-jokingly says Gore supporters should blame the "Workers World Party" for their loss. After all, they got far more than 300 votes in Florida, and they're on the left side of the political spectrum, so if only their candidate had dropped out, enough of their votes would probably have gone to Gore so that he would now be president. Those spoilers!
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