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Can a sequel be so bad that it could stop studios from producing them? Are remakes ever justified? Do we even want to stop the what mutations appear outside of the movies? All this as we may experience the most horrid sequel of all!
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The proliferation of bad movies must stop! Why is this type of thing still allowed? I am outraged!

Clearly what is needed is some system for fining or punishing studios and directors that release bad movies.

It might seem obvious to just tell movie goers that they don't have to go see something that is obviously crap, but isn't it just as obvious that our fundamental rights are being trampled on by all these bad sequels? Shouldn't we expect movies to be better in the 21st century?

Perhaps studios could be licensed, and that could be revoked if they put out too many bad movies.

Sure, we could only see movies that we thought we'd like, but that would require us as individuals to censor our own behavior. Shouldn't we expect the studios to bare some of that responsibility?
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I was thinking "wow, a mefi post that has something to talk about besides politcal and election day garbage!!"... until I saw the link to gwb's site. dangit, john.
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The Tribune's itinerant culture critic Michael Kilian begs to differ on Blair Witch 2, listing "eight good things" about the movie. (One of them is actress Erica Leerhsen, whom he apparently wishes had been given a nude scene.)
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y6y6y6, What if I like crappy movies?
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What we really need is a system where volunteers (or maybe folks would get paid for this) would agree to see a movie right when it comes out, and let us know whether it sucks or not. Then if it's bad, we don't need to see it ourselves.

That could totally solve the sucky sequel problem. Hollywood could release as many as they want and we'd never have to sit through the sucky ones.
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I thought we were those volunteers.
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Better yet - We could have trained journalists sit through movies before they were released. And then they could publish their thoughts about the movies.

It would make sense that these "reviews" would be put in local papers and on the Internet so that people could find out whether a movie sucked before they went.

This seems like a good idea. Anyone know if something like this is being worked on?
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Would never work: the studios would figure out a way to co-opt these "reviewers" by giving them special treatment or something, then you'd never know if what they said was really what they thought, if they just wanted to make sure they got seated next to Carmen Diaz at the next studio function...
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I'd sell out for that perk, m.polo.
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Want to find out if a movie sucks before you go see it?

Wait a couple of weeks, check out what your friends, family, coworkers, reviewers, online discussion groups, etc. are saying about it.

If you're afraid to spend a couple of hours on a movie you may not like, then don't go at all, because no matter what everyone else says, you may not agree with them.
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