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Rashomon... I thought about posting a link to the distinctive art style of Sam Weber, or the 25 greatest comic book covers ever made, or avante-garde Hungarian photographer László Moholy-Nagy, or this collection of Russian and Ukrainian posters--but instead, I decided to tell you all about the site where I found every one of these links: Rashomon, a new and (thus-far) consistently interesting collection of interesting visual arts links.
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Great site and what a clever javascript image viewer they're using.
posted by bz at 12:08 PM on April 26, 2005

Nice stuff. Its interesting that he links to the unicorn tapestries just yesterday. I've been passing around to friends this really fascinating New Yorker article from a few weeks ago concerning the Unicorn tapestry and some eccentric mathematicians. A great read.
posted by vacapinta at 12:11 PM on April 26, 2005

That's not how I remember it!
posted by OmieWise at 12:12 PM on April 26, 2005

And he's one of our own.
posted by Guy Smiley at 12:17 PM on April 26, 2005

yankeefog-seriously, nice link, I just couldn't resist that little bit of Homer Simpson.

vacapinta-Thanks for the link to the NYer article. It is a great read!
posted by OmieWise at 12:28 PM on April 26, 2005

The Steranko Captain America is no near as good as Shield #4. That's a classic.
posted by doctor_negative at 12:33 PM on April 26, 2005

fantastic. Thanks!
posted by dougunderscorenelso at 12:54 PM on April 26, 2005

This is a really good site.
posted by too many notes at 1:11 PM on April 26, 2005

And doc, what list is complete without Bill Sienkiewicz? Moon Knight, anyone?

Damn, I wish the internets were more useful. The "Morpheus" ish had a great cover. Any Moon Knight cover could have made the list. Too bad I can't find one on the goog.
posted by breezeway at 1:43 PM on April 26, 2005

That is a nice site, thank you.

Anyone check out the Rifleman comic cover in the lower left of the 12 Dumbest Covers of American Comic Books page?
posted by marxchivist at 1:44 PM on April 26, 2005

Wow, Marxchy, that's really something.
posted by breezeway at 1:56 PM on April 26, 2005

Lot's of good stuff there.
posted by caddis at 2:37 PM on April 26, 2005

Marxchivist, I too thank you for the heads-up. That's...just...uhhhhhh....
posted by zoinks at 3:14 PM on April 26, 2005

Nice post, yankeefog. Well-done.
posted by mediareport at 8:21 PM on April 26, 2005

The Hans Bellmer post sold me on the site immediately (added it to my Bloglines subs). Bellmer was one of those artists I desired to emulate as a (rubbish) art student. Seeing one of the dolls (might have been a photograph) is the only thing I recall about my last visit to the Tate Modern; it was so mesmerizingly disturbing.
posted by skarmj at 1:29 AM on April 27, 2005

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