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The Skeldale Boys. Like the works of James Herriot? Would you like them better if some failed english major wrote the stories in the third person omniscent and filled them with homosexual longing? Me neither, but it's still interesting to know it exists and ask "why?".
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Harry Potter/Professor Snape/Tentacle Tree erotic fanfiction on your left, Samurai Pizza Cats/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles porn on your right, and straight ahead is Strawberry Shortcake satisfying the sweet tooth of Bugs Bunny in ways God never intended.

Welcome to the world of fanfiction! Have a nice stay!
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I confess that until this, I really did think nothing in the world of slash/fanfic could surprise me.

Now my mind is racing to come up with something else at random, something utterly improbable that won't exist: Romancing the Stone? Check. Secret Garden? Check. Erh, uh, S-Salad Fingers?!? Check! OK, never mind.
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My Welsh blood is boiling over with passion.
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My Welsh blood is boiling over with passion.

Saw some sheep, huh?

Said entirely in jest. I love Wales and welsh culture
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Well, this has put some interesting images in my head. I think it'll be a while before I can read any Herriot.
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Best of the Web?

Oh, my.
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I've got a question, Mayor. Why are you such a fucking jerk?
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