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Waverly Films are "a Brooklyn-based production company." MeFites have already seen their kitten-filled video for Fatboy Slim's Joker. They've also produced off-kilter videos for Slim's Wonderful Night and Jason Forest's Stepping Out, as well as an evocative-if-not-quite-as-cool promo for The Thrill's The Irish Keep Gatecrashing (embedded quicktime in all three of those video links. Real and WindowsMedia streams for the Fatboy Slim videos can be found at AstrarlWeks;click on "Video Gallery").
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Fatboy Slim makes such crappy music but such wonderful videos. I guess I still like him.
posted by fungible at 9:14 AM on April 28, 2005

Make sure to check out The Werewolf Solution.
posted by ORthey at 9:29 AM on April 28, 2005

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