Dadalip dadalip dadalip!
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Jen's brother Liam made her son a DVD with music and videos, two of which are featured here: Arlo's Song and Picture Show. Dadalip dadalip dadalip!
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You should warn people that Arlo's Song is a killer earworm. I had to play it over and over for my friend's kid about a month ago and it was stuck in my head for a week.

It did make me really want to have a baby and name it Arlo, though.
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I had a roommate in college named Carlos, and we always used to call him Arlo. I don't think he liked that much.

It must be very cool to have such an excess of talent that you can put together something in your spare time for family and still have it be that cool.

Indeed: Dadalip dadalip dadalip!
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Liam is behind the internet favorite "United States of Whatever" song and a bunch of comedy movies and shows. He should totally sell the Arlo DVD, I think lots of kids would dig it, even though they're not arlo and don't know him.
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Oooh, Liam Lynch! Liam Lynch knows Kirsten Dunst. Or so it seems, at least. I'd like to know Liam Lynch. Then, I'd like to know Kirsten Dunst. Then, we'll marry and have a wonderful life together.

Great post!
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I *heart* Liam Lynch. Like Matt says, "United States of Whatever" is fun and infectious and groovy. He rocks the house.
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The genius behind this as well. Loved it.
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"Hey Chester, do you know the language of love?"
"How's it go?"
"Hey Fruity Lips. Come home with me sugar-butt."
"You call a girl sugar-butt?"
"Yeah. And I keep cereal in my pocket to feed 'em"
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Brilliant *raises lighter above head and ignites a 5 inch flame*
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Very Good.
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