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Hey Everybody! Since I became an occult investigator, my life has turned into one non-stop party! I'm having so much fun, and learning all kinds of cool things about myself and the world. It's really an absolute blast!
Tim Boucher isn't a paranoid occult-conspiracy theorist, a strident anti-occult crusader, or a neo-pagan or New Ager, but he is an occult investigator. That is, he's a fun-loving guy with a penchant for reading and writing about cool or weird things humanity has done in a search for a higher purpose.
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Real interesting. I just wanted to point out a coincidence related to this topic. Look at the post number in the URL. Weird isn't it?
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This guy's site is great. Thanks for the link!
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Love the guy's FAQ. He manages to answer questions without answering them. That's always fun. The part where "I just came here to argue" is inspired; disarm your attacker by not fighting with him. Again, great fun. Also, since he openly admits to having no actual credentials, it makes him seem a little more respectable than those who claim to actually have credentials, but turn out to be, i dunno chiropractors or something. Still, he doesn't seem to be looking for answers so much as having fun exploring the questions.
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Excerpt from an interview with Alan Moore that done busted my head.
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Yes, Harry Morgan, so far there's only 77 other FPPs containing the digit sequence '666'.
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Interesting link, thanks. My brother has done a load of research into the paranormal and actually has a book out next year on ghosts.
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so far there's only 77 other FPPs containing the digit sequence '666'.

Ahh yes, but this is 4 1 (for one) 666. Surely it must be a sign.
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And of course, so is 21666, 16664, 26661, 26664, 2666, 6662 and 6664.
4666 is a story about the rise of women in higher education - clearly a sign that college is now only for (4) those evil (666) women.
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So I guess that these kind of themes, these ideas, they probably run all the way through our lives like a kind of developing music, that the basic kind of chord patterns are there right from the beginning, probably, but they just become more elaborate, or more penetrating or more deeper.

An eloquent description of people's hobby-interest-themes -- otakus, I guess.
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Where's Ilya Shambat when we need him?
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Darn you, Bdave. When I read your comment, I thought Boucher had actually interviewed Alan Moore. Never mind.
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Imagine you're an alien in a spaceship zipping about and you learn about the existence of Earth via the radio waves and television signals and manned satelite activity broadcasting from our planet. Would you want to sit foot on this planet after seeing and hearing all that crap? If there are aliens out there, they probably give us a wide berth. We're crazy.
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so far there's only 77 other FPPs containing the digit sequence '666'.

77/41666 = 0.00184, so this had a .184 % chance of happening. Seems an unlikely enough coincidence to provoke a little smile, no? I realize that no matter what post was xx666, a person could find a way to make it seem funny [ie, this means GWB's the devil!], but this seems like a pretty appropriate one.
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On the other hand, the chance for post #41666 following #41665 is pretty close to 100%. So it's not that much of a mindboggling coincidence.

If we knew what percentage of posts deals with the occult/satanism/bush/rapists/murderers/prophets/nostradamus/necrophilia/war/disease and so on, we'd have a better chance of estimating how unlikely it is that a post with the sequence '666' in the number deals with one of those 'appropriate' subjects.
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it's the noticing, not the proving
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I have never thought that occult/satanism/bush/rapists/murderers/prophets/nostradamus/necrophilia/war/disease was anything to do with the number 666. I think it's in Revelation, as the number on the forehead of the Great Beast or somesuch crap. Well, maybe you could classify Bush as the Great Beast. Anyway, it seems that this number is not at all connected with anything of the sort. Go on. Prove me wrong.
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