Dear God, NOOOO!!!
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Say it ain't so, Dave! Production on the new season of Chappelle's Show is suddenly on hold.
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But where will we go for our annoying catchphrases?
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Sorry...Where will we go...bitch?
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That dude is so never coming back.
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After season 2 Chappelle gave a few interviews where he said there wouldn't be a third season, he was done, he was tired of television, etc. At the time the whispers were that he was just pushing for more money, but maybe he never really wanted to do a third series after all.
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And... ? wtf?
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out of ideas, ; only ever had one anyway.
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I always liked the name. Oh well.
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Whatever, longsleeves.
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I stopped watching the show after the Rick James episode as there was no way he could ever top its genius. He made the funniest 22 minutes of television anyone possibly could and everything he'll do after will be a disappointment.
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Wait till you see him hit!
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This man couldn't be reached for comments:

Actually he could be reached, but he couldn't stop fidgeting long enough to answer questions.
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Its only temporary, it will get settled.
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My theory is that he quit all the drugs and booze and realized that racial stereotypes are not really all that funny. Or else he couldn't come up with a second joke.
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Chappelle has a show???

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It's interesting that this happened out of the blue in a time where every show seems to have "anonymous spies" sending info to Drudge and Access Hollywood and the like. Entertainment Tonight knows what the American Idol contestants had for breakfast the other day (apparently, Paula, from what I've been reading) but there's nothing on Chappelle about set walkoffs, or drug issues, or any other reason why the show would suddenly stop production so close to the premiere.
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He seems to get ticked off at the way a lot of people react to the TV show. I saw his stand-up act live and a large number of people in the crowd wouldn't stop yelling things about being Rick James (bitch), about being rich (bitch), and about loving the crack. Dave had to remind everyone that this he's here in real life, that's TV, he wanted to do his standup. Personally I didn't think the standup was as strong as "Killin' Them Softly", but it was still funny and needed a chance more than the knuckleheads in the crowd did.

I can't find a link now but I seem to remember Dave walking off stage in disgust in (I believe) San Diego last year. Turns out his fans pulled the same sort of stuff there.
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Cocaine is a hell of a drug
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he got the money--a giant deal for 2 more years (50 mil?). i think it's either what hex said or he's overextended or it's all gone to his head. It's sad--he's wonderful.
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Maybe religion has something to do with it, I heard him mention on a radio show that he had converted to Islam.
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it is hard to be creative.. as a graphic designer, I might put out a really nice project.. everyone praises it and it's so much harder to match or outdo it. Once you do that, it just snowballs..

Creativity just can't be forced.. I hope he comes back soon and strong.. it also could be that the supporting cast was no longer happy after seeing Dave get $50mil.. I mean the Rick James skit was pretty much Charlie Murphy's..
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Making catchphrases sucks
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Be careful if you ever get a sleeper hold. The next day your anus will really hurt.
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I can't find a link now but I seem to remember Dave walking off stage in disgust in (I believe) San Diego last year. Turns out his fans pulled the same sort of stuff there.

I saw him in Orlando last year, at the later of two shows in the evening. Apparently he had to walk out of the earlier show. The warm up comics reminded everyone to be on good behavior, and that they would be escorting out anyone who was rowdy, and during the course of the show I dont think anyone had to be taken out. It was a good crowd.

And he rewarded us for it. He must have gone on for over two hours. Towards the end, he cracked open an O'Douls (O'Dweeds mon!) and lit a cigarette, and just riffed off the crowd. He's still got it, as far as standup goes. As someone who always liked his standup and movie appearances, I wouldn't mind if he just decided to go out on a high note.

(He remarked at that show that it sucked being on TV, since he couldn't walk around Disney without someone going up to him saying "I'm Rick James, bitch!". "Don't call me a bitch in front of my kids!", was his plea.)
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This is bad news. It seems like we've been waiting forever for new episodes, and Comedy Central just keeps playing the same ones over and over and over. Hopefully they'll get it settled...there have to be a bunch of new episodes in the can, at least.

Is Wayne Brady gonna have ta choke a bitch?
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I can't find a link now but I seem to remember Dave walking off stage in disgust in (I believe) San Diego last year. Turns out his fans pulled the same sort of stuff there.

Try Sacramento. This being a small town with not much going on, it was Big News here. Best take on it I heard was from a guy who pointed out that while its the Chappelle show, he isn't the only guy who writes it and was likely miffed that taglines not of his own creation outshadowed the rest of the stuff he did.

That being said: boo hoo, you're overly popular. There's a quick road out of that and you seem to be on it. Enjoy obscurity again.
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I really don't think its that big of a deal if his show is no more as I am sure he'll get started on other projects eventually. Making people laugh is his job, Chapelle's Show was just one tiny aspect of that job.
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UPDATE: Dave has checked himself into a mental health facility in South Africa. Guess that's why the show is on hold.
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