November 10, 2000
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Have y'all seen this hilarious piece on the Caucasian problem? Via Follow Me Here.
posted by aflakete (4 comments total)
Brilliant article.
posted by cCranium at 5:33 AM on November 10, 2000

More than hilarious, it's quite effectively damning of white supremacist pseudo-science. If you dig what Wise is getting at, check out his other great articles at Alternet, especially this one that gets to the heart of the whiteness problem.
posted by sudama at 10:42 AM on November 10, 2000

Oh, that's brilliant. He obviously put a lot of work into that piece. Very well done.

posted by Mars Saxman at 11:36 AM on November 10, 2000

That was such better brain-food than election babble...excellent.
posted by th3ph17 at 10:51 PM on November 11, 2000

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