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Other countries are looking at us and giggling about our democratic process. It's rather enlightening to see what they think, provided the attitude the US newsmedia takes when other countries' elections appear "fixed", "inefficient," or "ineffective."
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"The fragile first-world democracy, with candidates from the country's ruling elite families, a former military leader, and a religious fanatic, may not survive this fractious legal challenge riddled with judicial politics."

Uh, i just made that up. But ...
posted by dhartung at 10:11 AM on November 10, 2000

The Washington Post published a small article today that mentions that had such irregularities occurred in other countries that the U.S. would have asked the Organization of American States (OAS) to send in election monitors, and in most cases would have called for a re-vote in situations such as the one in Florida.
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Yeah, I hear that Peru is threatening not to trade with us because they consider our election invalid.
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Its not just other countries, I work for a Canadian citizen who is originally from Vietnam, he keeps saying its just like a thrid world country.
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Well, the "banana republic" jokes were already flying fast and furious back during the Elian flap. When the outcome of the US elections hinges on Florida, what do you expect?
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A self-described British cynic has an idea to elect the POTUS.

“Why not this radical idea - have a nation-wide vote where the most popular candidate loses. Then scrap the nation-wide result in favour of one chosen state. Have a ballot in which half the populace can't understand the ballot paper then lose most of the remaining ballot boxes Finally and most importantly ensure that anyone who doesn't like the governor's big brother is kept well away from the polling booths. Whoever gains a simple majority of the remaining three votes wins!”

He’s at the bottom.
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