Hey, I'm Mike Piazza, All-Star catcher for the New York Mets. And I'd like to talk to you about the filibuster.
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ESPN's Baseball Tonight has a blog - sort of. Featuring such gems as Pay Rickey, words from Barry Bonds' knee fluid, and Mike Piazza addressing the evils of the filibuster.
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Ha! Ted Nugent and Slayer grill Piazza on "invocation of cloture"... Hilarious.
posted by space2k at 1:15 PM on May 5, 2005

Pretty good. I liked the Ask Pedro and Tom fantasy advice bit. And the Rob Neyer bit. Way better than ESPN.com. I haven't been there in years.
posted by mrgrimm at 1:19 PM on May 5, 2005

I was almost ready to believe this was real until I read the Piazza bit about hunting some "poontang" with the Nuge as his companion. Piazza's much more likely to be hunting the Nuge with some poontang as his companion, IYKWIM AITYD.
posted by dersins at 1:34 PM on May 5, 2005

Wow. This is great!

Curt Schilling on his Everquest addiction:

Some might call this racist, but I'm partial to the dwarves when it comes to EQ. If you read any biology textbook, you'll quickly learn that the dwarvin race is in many ways superior to our own. Their skin (if you ever get the chance to touch one you really should) is much more leathery, allowing them to withstand attacks from even the Raging Monolith. When the tough gets going, the dwarves say "where?"

Although my belief in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ prevents me from completely transforming myself, if I could choose to be a race other than my own, it would definitely be dwarvin.

posted by crank at 1:43 PM on May 5, 2005

All I know is the Nuge is an avid bow hunter. Is that what he uses when he hunts poontang?

By the way, what does a poontang look like?
posted by jefbla at 1:43 PM on May 5, 2005


They know a lot about Greg Easterbrook, and do a great job parodying him.

And what everybody else said.

This is spectacular. Thanks, xmutex.
posted by ibmcginty at 1:50 PM on May 5, 2005

By the way, what does a poontang look like?

Um, no inline images please.

The Joe Morgan articles are hilarious.
posted by mrgrimm at 1:51 PM on May 5, 2005

jefbla- It looks like the bearded clam, also a popular hunting target. I hear you can find some good shots of these on the internets.

I'm all for blogs written by knee fluid.
posted by Saydur at 2:08 PM on May 5, 2005

meh. moderately amusing. a better idea than its execution, although I am impressed by the sheer number of posts/articles created for this parody.
posted by beelzbubba at 2:37 PM on May 5, 2005

Yeah, that TMQ parody was dead on.

Somewhat similar: The Dugout and The Message Board For Tacklers Who Are In The Process Of Missing Dante Hall from progressiveboink.
posted by mbd1mbd1 at 4:20 PM on May 5, 2005

mbd1mbd1, thanks for that Dante Hall thing. I'd never seen it before. That's effing great.
posted by dersins at 6:01 PM on May 5, 2005

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