My head hurts.
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Working Title Animation of Steven Hill's 3186 movie title screens. (via Waxy via B3ta)
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Jesus God.

my eyes hurt now.
posted by jimmy at 4:48 PM on May 6, 2005

Just slow it down, get TMBG to record a sing-along track and it's gold!
posted by pieisexactlythree at 5:03 PM on May 6, 2005

Fun, but I'd kind of like to see it in order of release date. I think the change in styles over time would be an interesting view.
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Sweet :)
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The audio was quite interesting, except for the kick drum. It was just way too cliché. What I find remarkable is that despite how quickly they are all going by my brain is still able to process them and ones with which I was already familiar really jumped out, almost seemed to hang around longer than others.
posted by ddf at 9:51 PM on May 6, 2005

When I saw the name Steven Hill, I though you were referring to this guy.
posted by paddbear at 1:05 AM on May 7, 2005

I was interested in the difference between ones that were composed by some bygone Title Crediteurre for a movie screen and ones that probably started offscreen as logos designed by a marketing dep't (ie Cat People, Back to the Future).

The main difference is that the non-logo treatments are always composed to the shape of the frame. But there's some other quality that they have that I like... they remind me of title pages in books -- always different than the cover treatments.
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'Adventure in Iraq'... I had to stop it and go back to check I hadn't been seeing things when that flashed up.
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