Cristobal Vila's Isfahan Movie
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An amazing piece of animation made all the better by its magical subject: the lovely architecture of Persia and its storybook capital for some 200 years, Isfahan. Cristobal Vila, principle of Eterea Studios, shares behind the scenes information... and you can even purchase a print from the movie, if you're so inclined. Be sure to check out his other works. Via Times & Seasons.
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very nice--i could tell it was the snakes guy : >
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Thanks, that was beautiful. My family left Isfahan a year before I was born and we've all wished we could go back for at least a visit. I think I may want to go more than anyone as I only have dreams of what it is like. Great film.
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Anyone else watch that like you were trying to figure out a Prince of Persia level?
"There's water in the center! Wonder how I would get up on that ledge."
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Pollomacho: I want to go to Iran, too... I have a few Iranian friends, and they all say that I would be well-treated. I just have to figure out if there'd be any passport problems, how to finance the bugger, and what to do about my notable inability to speak Farsi.

: )
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I would have sworn that I saw this posted here before, but I can't find it. Nevermind, good post regardless.
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Very nice! Thanks!
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I visited with my family when I was 13, it was a cloudy day and very dark, unlike in the video, but still very beautiful, the video shows a room, and the whole palace it's much, much larger.

/end memory
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i could tell it was the snakes guy

That was the first thing I thought of!
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I was just in Isfahan last september, and let me assure you that it's probably even more beautiful in person than it is in that animated video. Here are some pictures I took (warning, gratuitous flickr self-link) while I was there.
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Very pretty, but I must admit I was hoping it would have more to do with the actual city of Isfahan, which I also want very much to visit. To others interested in the city, I highly recommend Isfahan Is Half the World: Memories of a Persian Boyhood by Sayyed Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh, a wonderful book about time, memory, and a beloved city.
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That is wonderful. (And nice pics BuddhaInABucket)
More Pics of Esfahan (as Iran Chamber Society calls it) ---- pop-up screen link bottom left.
Thanks silusGROK.
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My father was a Christian minister in Isfahan, there are people that remember him and remember him as such. I could probably go back without too much problem (except for visa issues and language barriers) but the rest of my family would probably not be too well received. My dad recently wrote an article (which was actually very sympathetic to the Iranian perspective) about Middle East issues in a local, podunk paper and had a "message" left on the steps of his church, so I don't think the time is quite right for him.
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