Mirecle33 Creativity Patch
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Mirecle33 (mir-i-kel) Creativity Patch: What Creatives Crave "It's totally here. Our progressive times allow you to sport a patch on your body to maintain your hormone levels, curb your appetite(s), and cover your boo-boos. Now, thanks to Dunmire Labs, there's no good reason you can't have a slow, steady stream of creativity delivered into your system through the Mirecle33 Creativity Patch. Try the Mirecle33 Creativity Patch today and see how much it 'miraculously' improves your creative output!"
posted by azul (5 comments total)
Too bad the patch doesn't work, else the humor would have been creative.
posted by Gyan at 12:35 AM on May 10, 2005

This patch thingoid, combined with the "positive attitude is everything" spiel at the top of the linked page, reminded me of elementary school when the teacher would say "put on your thinking caps!".
posted by Clay201 at 1:01 AM on May 10, 2005

elementary school when the teacher would say "put on your thinking caps!".

Funny, when the teacher told me to put on a cap it was usually big, pointy, and said "DUNCE" on it.

Whatever happened to public humiliation as a way to enforce discipline in schools?
posted by thedevildancedlightly at 1:04 AM on May 10, 2005

We're more subtle these days, DDL. "Bruce, can you tell me what might have been a better choice?"

And in that vein, I loved the World's Hardest Wordsearch Puzzle from the same site. I'm forwarding it to all the teachers in my school this morning. With only two weeks to go, the natives need distracting.
posted by ancientgower at 3:58 AM on May 10, 2005

No LSD in the creative patch?
posted by klangklangston at 6:47 AM on May 10, 2005

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