YAAAAH FIDO! (and give me a banana while you're at it...)
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Dog-riding monkeys in professional rodeo. Only in America can a guy like this or this character make a living by having monkeys ride dogs in rodeos (Realvideo). Now they've gotten news coverage in the past, but what I would give for them to come to my part of the world. And more photos please! Wow. Sometimes I love this country.
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Monkeys in little cowboy hats with chaps riding dogs. zi wonder if they can get the monkeys to stage shootouts and duels too.

This IS the greatest country on earth!
posted by fenriq at 10:59 AM on May 10, 2005

Thank you for this post. According to the site, this is coming to town soon and I'm totally going.
posted by First Post at 12:33 PM on May 10, 2005

This is the best idea I've ever heard. I love America!
posted by Kellydamnit at 1:07 PM on May 10, 2005

These monkeys rock! Now all we need are kittens riding saddled geese.
posted by blasdelf at 1:32 PM on May 10, 2005

Dear Internet,

I love you!

P.S. Baby, I am so sorry. I will never take you for granted again.
posted by Gamblor at 1:38 PM on May 10, 2005

Please, that dog could ride itself. The monkey is just window dressin'
posted by Four Flavors at 2:27 PM on May 10, 2005

Oh God how I love Whiplash...

Thank you thank thank you for the link! Now I can finally get a Whiplash t-shirt.
posted by BobFrapples at 2:51 PM on May 10, 2005

Just bought a Whiplash Rides mousepad. Boy will my fiancee be excited when it arrives in the mail.

*staples credit card to ceiling*
posted by Baby_Balrog at 7:56 PM on May 10, 2005

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