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mp3 blogs galore Need some fresh new mp3s? John over at Tofu Hut has compiled what he thinks is "the most comprehensive list of musicbloggers yet available." There's dozens upon dozens of (vaguely) categorised mp3 blogs, which should keep you and your high-speed internet connection merrily ticking over for weeks... Happy listening.
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gah, redundant apostrophe in the post title there, sorry.

(note to self: do not trust spell check to catch my own stupid grammatical errors.)
posted by noizyboy at 3:53 PM on May 12, 2005

Yes, but which ones are the *good* ones?
posted by monju_bosatsu at 3:57 PM on May 12, 2005

Uh ... wow ... what can I say other than: "fire up the wget!"
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monju_bosatsu - Online music sources: finding tracks that matter.
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m_b, I like to use Webjay to preview the tracks available at mp3 blogs. Saves me from wasting time downloading where 90% of the stuff I'd rather not keep.
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Thanks for the pointers, although I'm pretty familiar with most of that info. I use The Hype Machine, which aggregates posts from several mp3blogs I enjoy.
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*bookmark* *bookmark* *bookmark*

*looks up for a second*

Hey, thanks, noizyboy!

*bookmark* *bookmark* *bookmark*
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via MonkeyFilter?
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In a very cursory scan of the blogs, I've already been introduced to a delightful genre - Yu-Mex! Thanks.
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If anyone is interested, I co-edit Said the Gramophone (under "Eclectic").

We've been running since the winter of 2003, posting tracks every weekday by bands like The Arcade Fire, Okkervil River, Wolf Parade, Sam Cooke, Arvo Pärt, Avril Lavigne, Bulldog, etc etc etc. This week: Smog, Ray Charles, Kate Maki, Weezer, Petr Nikl & Lakome Barky, and more. Please do visit!
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Mod note: removed redundant apostrophe
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[but not in the page title]
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Thank you so much, noizyboy! I've lost a couple of hours already. Say can anyone point me to an electronic music blog?
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Thanks Marquis. I've had Gramophone's feed in my RSS Reader for a while now... good stuff. And it works with the Greasemonkey stream mp3 script, which I consider essential for browsing mp3 blogs... if you actually want to listen the music before downloading it...
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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
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via MonkeyFilter?

via a mate's blog actually. But I see it's now turned up on boingboing as well, so it's well on the way to being old news.
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thekorruptor writes "Say can anyone point me to an electronic music blog?"

Music (for Robots) covers a lot of electronic music, and dabbles in other genres as well.
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I'd like to point out Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again, because "feet are for dancing, not for staring at".
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For thekorruptor, regarding electronic music blogs:
I've been checking Gutterbreakz, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, and Radio Free Polygon.
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We live in a golden age, people. I've got like fifty of the things bookmarked, and my relationship is suffering as a result.

I'd add a few more to the list everyone's compiled; The Real Thing, Headphone Sex, Bubblegum Machine, Aurgasm, Scissorkick and Fluxblog.
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I'm just posting a comment so i can find this post again quickly. Dang, for me, this is like the holy grail of postings!
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My God-- it's The Motherlode!

Kudos to noizyboy and thanks to jonmc.
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thanks for the link p3t3! free polygon has been a pet project for a while now. it's an honor to see it listed alongside gutterbreakz and 20jazzfunkgreats..
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