ELECTION: Florida SecState declares PBC ballot legal.
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ELECTION: Florida SecState declares PBC ballot legal. Like that's her gig, or anything...
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The BBC correspondent's judgement on the SecState last night was fairly pointed: "How are we expected to take seriously someone incapable of describing the electoral procedure to the press?"
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She can't expect to get much good coverage after that travesty of a news conference on Thursday night. For the record, here are the steps that will surely piss off the press:

1) say the recount should be done by Thursday close-of-business
2) schedule a press conference for Thursday at 6:00 PM
3) let everyone assume you will be announcing final vote, and cut into the press conference live on just about every channel I get
4) start off your press conference with some little speech that no one watching gives a damn about
5) finally, announce that the recount's not done, and that the only thing you can give out are numbers the AP had 10 hours ago
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Not to mention her snide comment that she hoped the press' numbers (referring to the AP, I think) were better than they were on Tuesday night.
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Didn't her office approve the ballot? If it was illegal, they shouldn't have done so. So is she taking the blame?
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Okay, so I'm dyslexic.
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