Bush Camp Goes to Court to Stop Hand Recount.
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Bush Camp Goes to Court to Stop Hand Recount. The plot thickens!
posted by Mr. skullhead (14 comments total)
This is not as fun as it used to be. Let's flip a coin and get it over with.
posted by thirteen at 12:53 PM on November 11, 2000

all right, isn't anyone else sick of all the damn political posts on here? maybe matt can put up a new mf page just for politics? i want the 98% political free mf back.
posted by physics at 12:56 PM on November 11, 2000

Haha that old fool in this picture couldnt even spell the word "grandma" right. heh....
posted by grank at 1:38 PM on November 11, 2000

I shouldn't have said "the plot thickens", I should have said something like "curiouser and curiouser"!I didn't vote for Bush or Gore. I think they both suck. I do that the popular vote should rule as I've said ad nauseum. I doubt if we'll have a president be January.Go Strom!
posted by Mr. skullhead at 1:43 PM on November 11, 2000

I think grandma and all its variants are so vulgar that there really isn't a proper spelling... maybe he doesn't pronounce the 'd' or something.

gee, that was a good use of my time wasn't it :).
posted by kidsplateusa at 4:25 PM on November 11, 2000

Not that any proof was needed of our politicians lack of principles, but here's some more.
posted by alan at 4:55 PM on November 11, 2000

According to the "some more" article, the recount legislation was one of the "major accomplishments" of the Texas state government. This fact alone should lead one to question Bush's qualifications for the Presidency.
posted by grimmelm at 5:34 PM on November 11, 2000

Is it just me, or is trying to block manual recounts blatantly anti-democratic?
posted by grimmelm at 5:37 PM on November 11, 2000


I had an interesting discussion today, with my mom, who's a Bush Republican (it was therefore *very* interesting) as to whether the whole "Buch thinks Gore should concede" thing was reasonable in light of the popular vote.

You're invited to speculate how it turned out. :-}
posted by baylink at 6:56 PM on November 11, 2000

It is definitely not just you, grimmel.

In fact, the whole Republican attempted-coup thing is starting to sound less like a wacko theory and more -- plausible every day.

I'm thinking maybe bringing in an independent arbiter who hates both sides equally (or, oh alright, even the UN) to mediate this mess is probably not a bad idea.
posted by chicobangs at 6:59 PM on November 11, 2000

The problem w/ the manual recounting is that you introduce a human element into counting the vote and there is no 100% certain way to determine how someone meant to vote.
posted by gyc at 7:43 PM on November 11, 2000

It's very simple: if they voted for Buchanan, then they meant to vote for Gore. If they voted for Nader, then they meant to vote for Gore. If the ballot has eighteen punches arranged in the shape of the Big Dipper, then they meant to vote for Gore. And so forth. Repeat until there's enough Gore votes to make his supporters suddenly support the Electoral College again.
posted by lileks at 8:26 PM on November 11, 2000

posted by tiaka at 9:37 PM on November 11, 2000

I'm hearing an awful lot of 'Bush coup' talk considering the fact that he won the first count, and likely the second count. There is a big flaw in the logic that says the more we re-count these votes the more 'accurate' the results are.

The results are just different, not more of less accurate. While I agree that the Bush campaign trying to stop a manual re-count looks bad, I also have to question the logic of beginning a 3rd re-count of these votes, when the final 1st count isn't even complete yet [absentee ballots]. Is it really a good idea to have all these re-counts going on simultaneously?

This is definately not fun anymore. It was a curious situation that I think most people thought would come to a semi-quick end. Yet, at the moment, there really is no end in sight.
posted by schlyer at 10:15 PM on November 11, 2000

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