Everbody Loves Star Wars Toys, Right? Right?
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Star Wars knock-off stuff. Because your brain surely isn't saturated enough with Star Wars coverage this week! [in part via]
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Yes it surely is. If I want any more brain adjustments, I'll go here.
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That's nothing, you should see the ones I bought at an open air market in the Yucatan. Cheap generic figurines with Star Wars(ish) costumes painted on and the plastic "blister" wrap stapled to a cardboard color xerox of the backing to an authentic Star Wars figure.
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Alright! Alright! I'll see the damned movie!
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There's a long history of Star Wars knock-offs from distant lands.

Some are even better than the originals.
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The harder they push the schlock, the less interested I am in ever seeing the latest 2 hour merch-vertisement.

I think Star Wars jumped the shark with that incredibly goofy Ewok Adventure bullshit. At least they got Natalie Portman for the new movies, she's never a bad addition to the mix.
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Wow - this is reminds me of those three new "Star Wars" movies which are really just cheap knock offs of the originals...
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Star Wars knock-off stuff? A drunken wag from my home town tried to knock-off Star Wars stuff.


[snarky comment about police protecting the property of rich organisations when they should be out catching "real criminals" goes here.]
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I used to have the Star Bird from the first link. Not sure I'd say it was a knock off of Star Wars though. I did much more than my Millenium Falcon toy and you could reconfigure it's shape somewhat.

It also could tell which way you were pointing it and if you pointed it up or down, the engine noises changed appropriately. Very cool when you're 7 years old you know :) .
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Second that. The Star Bird was absolutely bad-ass, especially the tail-fin fighters that would come off. That thing was absolutely the scourge of my Micronauts, especially when it was in league with the lego ships.

There was also a bad-guy Star Bird that came in black and was just the glans, if you will. Sort of the Reliant to the Star Bird's Enterprise. But I never had one of those, though I did covet it.

Beat the hell out of the TIE fighters with the pop-off solar panels. At least you could put the panels for the Vader fighter on the wrong way around so it would look sort of like a TIE interceptor before there were any.
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