plate tectonics
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An education served on a paper plate. "Paper Plate Education is an initiative to reduce complex notions to simple paper plate explanations. It promotes innovative hands-on Activities that you can experience across a range of interests."
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The Wholemovment guy, linked to from the FPP'd page, makes beautiful, compelling three-dimensional-polygon origami sculptures from uncut paper plates. It's a wonderful example of a magnificent obsession.

Great link, Mr. Bucket!
posted by orthogonality at 1:44 PM on May 18, 2005

I've always been confounded by the complexity of Cosmic Hats, but now I understand perfectly.
posted by VanRoosta at 1:48 PM on May 18, 2005

I'm gonna have to spend some timw with this one. Inspirational so far.
posted by beelzbubba at 2:00 PM on May 18, 2005

This is good!
posted by thatwhichfalls at 2:01 PM on May 18, 2005

Apparently children's books regularly screw up their depictions of the moon.
posted by brain_drain at 2:05 PM on May 18, 2005

If you haven't looked at the Wholemovement link, check out the guy's paper plate gallery. This is really cool stuff.
posted by ancientgower at 7:19 PM on May 18, 2005

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