Queen of Sheba
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The Queen of Sheba was a legendary beauty from the 10th century BC. She travelled to see Israel's King Solomon, bearing his son, Menelik (said to have transported the Ark of the Covenant to Auxum, Ethiopia), is mentioned in the Bible and Koran, is a muse to poets and artists through the ages and is "viewed as the embodiment of Divine Wisdom and a foreteller of the cult of the Holy Cross". Little is known about her origins although stories are common through Persian, Ethiopian, Arabian & Israeli traditions. Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia claimed direct descent from her. She is said to have possibly lived in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan or Somalia. But recent archaeological work suggests she may be from further away than the legends describe.
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This is actually kind of fascinating. Nicely done.
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Er, King Solmon would've actually been the kingdom ruled of Judah, not Israel, which was a separate kingdom that broke away after his death. Unless you meant the geographical location of present-day Israel. That would make sense. OK, I'll go away now...

(Good post, btw.)
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Also, a yummy Ethiopian restaurant in Portland, OR! :)
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Yeah, it was all Israel, then the core that stayed with Solomon's son was Judah (including Benjamin too). The rest of Israel split off and was still known as Israel. No one would consider Solomon's Israel "Judah."

Great post.
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Thanks. Good topic, good assemblage of links. Now I understand the Ethiopia < -> Ark connection, never fully understood that.
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this is a fantastic post.

thanks peacay.
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This is the first time I've ever done the [this is good] thing.

[This is good]
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Dear Sir or Madame:
My name is Sheba, former wife of Solomon, King of Judea. A mutual friend has given your name as one of trust and integrity. I am seeking your kind assistance in the transference of a Holy Ark of the Covenant and certain Nigerian financial assets in a venture I am sure you will find profitable and enriching as well. I am trusting that you can keep confidential these communications. God bless you...
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Well done, peacay and zaelic both!
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