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Substrate: one of the more striking uses of Processing I've seen so far. And quite urban-like, no? via Computing for Emergent Architecture.
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wow, i really liked that. the haohao one was sweet.
posted by ackeber at 12:05 AM on May 21, 2005

Holy Shit! I was just looking at their bubble chamber sim.

Also:The Complexification Gallery
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The author of Substrate, Jason Tarbell, agreed a few months ago to provide cover/insert artwork for my album, when it is completed. This brings me great joy.

I encourage you all to buy his incredible prints.
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Wow. Stuff like this reminds me that there's just so damn much ... more ... out there.
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and so little time.
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I'm actually sitting with Jared himself (Mr. Complexification himself) in his hotel room in Barcelona and he's super excited to see himself on Metafilter.

Make sure not to miss the stuff he's made, as well.

He and I also recently beta-launched the website for a new proposed television project called ZeroPoint. I'd really recommend checking it out... We're building a kind of visualization of the pathways and networks of people who discover the site and then invite their friends to check it out. (And it's not as chain-lettery as that last sentence sounds...)

Anyway. Enough plugging.

Jared's awesome and worth keeping an eye on for new genuis ideas!
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Cool stuff.

A great one from the Computing for Emergent Architecture link: For All Seasons.
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Very beautiful stuff. I'd love to get a print of the Substrate header image, but it doesn't look like he's got any subtrate prints available. Some of the other things he has are tempting as well. Great post, thanks!
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I saw Jared's presentation at FITC a month ago, it was amazing.
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