Hand count in Palm Beach County agreed upon.
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Hand count in Palm Beach County agreed upon. History in the making.
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Hmmm... weird, yahoo pulled the article, no where now, maybe it's drudge? who knows.
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it was there when i just clicked.
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The BBC's on the case:

County electoral board member Carol Roberts said that, if the pattern of error picked up by the sample recount were repeated across the whole of the county, it would represent about 1,900 votes - enough to swing the knife-edge poll in Mr Gore's favour.
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The most recent Yahoo story I can find is November 12 1:17 PM ET and states: "The chaos surrounding the disputed U.S. presidential campaign deepened on Sunday with four Florida counties moving to recount the vote by hand while George W. Bush (news - web sites) and Al Gore (news - web sites) prepared to do battle in court." False alarm
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I have a question:
- 1% of the palm beach ballots took all day saturday (as near as I can tell) to count
- there is a court injunction that states these ballots cannot be certified prior to tuesday
- by statute, if the ballots are not certified by 5pm tuesday, they just won't get counted Florida official fears 'meltdown' (bottom section of story)

well, no way. if a hand count is ordered, is there an extension of that deadline?

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Nine hours to do 1%. That works out to nearly four weeks to do the entire county by hand even if they work round the clock. Theresa LaPore already looks like she's on her last legs.

Just saw on MSNBC where Volusia County is filing a suit tomorrow asking for an extension beyond Tuesday 5PM because they may not be finished.
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Um, do we know that it's the same group of people doing the recount for the whole county? Couldn't there be more people involved now given that there's more to do? (If it takes one person one hour to dig one hole, how many hours does it take five people to dig five holes?)
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Criminy, I'd chip in a couple hours' worth of time if it would help get the whole damn thing over with any faster. (Well, provided I weren't inconveniently located thousands of miles away from Florida, that is.)
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The Bush campaign, in moving to stop the manual recount, argued in its application for a federal injunction there is a need to ``preserve the integrity, equality, and finality'' of the vote.

Would that we *had* any of that.

I've been being fairly reserved on this topic, opinion wise, but I think it's time for me to say that I think it's time for the Bush campaign to shut the fuck up.
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