Oh mollusks come and walk with us....
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Molluscan Glossary Do mollusks have feet ? Build your own molluscan expressions - "the fluviatile, equivalved ciliated mollusks of the circumboreal...." Get your fill of molluscan terminology now, before a Leviticus-based juggernaut bans your briny joy.
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The first thing I thought of was combining this with the Glossary of Hardboiled slang:

The Malacologist was a stool-pigeon, see? Before he could scram out, some Rhachigloss Johnson brother gave him the intercostal harlem sunset.
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OK.here is the Echinoderm Technical Glossary. Much shorter (and doesn't include stone canal for some reason) but it does have the truly lovely word madreporite ("A structure located on the aboral surface, in some species looking rather like a drain cover in a sink. The madreporite is a perforated platelike structure which acts as the inlet for the water vascular system.")
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Hey! You just sloshed yer gawdamned giggle juice in my apical orifice !
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