Yes, but will they have a Quisp Quorner?
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Yes, but will they have a Quisp Quorner? Personally, this sounds pretty cool, but it's too dang bad they had to put it in the Mall of America. The higher-ups probably wanted to build next to the other theme parks in Orlando, but i've heard this wild rumor that Florida's getting a bad rep these days...
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12 maimed in Cereal Amusement Park Incident
APnews: April 12, 2001

Bloomington, Minnesota - Twelve people were critically injured today at Cereal Adventure, the 16,000-square-foot theme park built within Mall of America, as Sonny the bird, known parkwide as being "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs(TM)" went on a shooting rampage. Thirty two people were injured and treated at the scene for abrasions, as the crowd fled from a gun-toting Sonny. Three sheriff deputies took down the bird with shotgun blasts that echoed throughout the children's park. An autopsy later revealed that Sonny was not merely "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs(TM)," but actually high on "crystal meth" or "crank," otherwise known as methamphetamine. General Mills could not be reached for comment.
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On a more serious note (thanks for the laugh, though, Matt) I wonder where in the mall it's going to go? It's going to have to be on the 4th floor, where all those nightclubs closed this year. There isn't any room anywhere else. Unless they're finally going to build that addition to the mall over in the old Met Center lot...

I'm actually hoping this is vaporware-I mean, a cereal theme park? MoA doesn't need another rapidly-closing attraction, they've gone through too many already.
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Well, there's always the Planet Hollywood space. . . .

It's weird to see a thing on Metafilter about a place less than a mile from where I work.
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