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Foreign Exchange TV with Fareed Zakaria - I'd heard about it, but thought it was only showing on OPB; checked again and lo and behold all the episodes are online! Watched a couple episodes so far; they're pretty good, esp if you're into foreign policy and stuff :D
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Yeah, it's kinda funny because he has an accent on his own program, but on This Weak (heh) Sunday mornings he has little accent.
Fareed does bring a good view to his material.
posted by buzzman at 8:08 PM on May 26, 2005

i posted about the future of television a few days ago, and i know there's been places like 0tv, heavy, atom films, ifilm, etc around for awhile, but i've just been noticing recently more shows freely putting their content up for 'narrowcast' (e.g. meaningoflife.tv, NOVA, FRONTLINE and, of course, C-SPAN :)

admittedly, it's mostly public television, and there're more obstacles when someone's gotta get paid, but i can't help feeling that it'd be really great for more shows to adopt the format that foreignexchange.tv has...

like archiving the broadcast online (with a delay?) as a supplement for viewers lets more of the audience see the show if they missed it (forgot to record) or if it's not available in certain markets... the convenience of time/space shifting, blah, blah.

i was just thinking that even for commercial content it'd be neat if they could put it under a site pass or even subscription, just so you'd know you have the option to watch after viewing a sponsored 'webvert' or slotting a few quarters in the jukebox or something!
posted by kliuless at 9:21 PM on May 26, 2005

Hmm, I went over to check out his accent on his program and it sounded no different to me than any other time I've heard him interviewed.
posted by PY at 12:17 AM on May 27, 2005

This is really good, thanks. I hope he gets a full 44 minutes some day.
posted by blacklite at 1:17 AM on May 27, 2005

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