A symbolic gesture, yet sincere in the offering
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[this is very good sign]
posted by orthogonality at 9:05 PM on May 27, 2005

Sweet!! Thank you!

I have collected a lot of symbol info in my time, but it's very handy to have a online resource like this!
posted by Balisong at 9:15 PM on May 27, 2005

posted by ori at 9:36 PM on May 27, 2005

I love this post. Thanks so much!
posted by melissa may at 9:39 PM on May 27, 2005

I can't explain why, but this one strikes me as incredibly poignant:
posted by ori at 9:47 PM on May 27, 2005

Oh... wow. This is... wow.

*gets lost for a few hours*
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 10:26 PM on May 27, 2005

Cool post, thanks. Of related interest: Adinkra symbols from Ghana
posted by dhruva at 11:02 PM on May 27, 2005

Perfect post. You delayed my bedtime by an hour. Thanks a lot.
posted by anastasiav at 11:40 PM on May 27, 2005

Excellent post. Quite interesting to say the least.
posted by Eekacat at 12:51 AM on May 28, 2005

This is really cool. good post.
posted by blacklite at 1:55 AM on May 28, 2005

Oh man, I almost didn't click on this because I thought it was something I had seen before. But this is fantastic.
posted by LeeJay at 9:59 AM on May 28, 2005

thank you DFT
posted by Stars Kitten at 2:26 PM on May 28, 2005

My favorite.
posted by Carbolic at 9:49 PM on May 28, 2005

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