Overtone Cowboy
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Arthur Miles [mp3], the throat-singing cowboy, singing about the lonesome cowboy. Types of throat-singing, with tips, brought to you by the International Association for Harmonic Singing.
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Illuminating link...I had no idea there were so many different techniques...I've heard some Tuvans live (and saw them step outside afterward to light up...everybody over there seems to smoke)....The Tibetans also do harmonic singing...is it also "throat singing?" I guess so. I'm sure the answer is in here somewhere. The Arthur Miles song is a gem.
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I learned overtones from this guy:

How to Sing Three Notes at the Same Time

It should be pointed out that the Tuvans are also cowboys, and indeed, their music has some cowboy feel to it. (I would say "indefinable" but that's just by me.)
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That Arthur Miles mp3 is wonderful, great yodel too.
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That Arthur Miles mp3 is wonderful, great yodel too.

Oh yeah, love it. I knew about the Tuvans, but I had no idea anyone else had accomplished throat-singing.

Great post.
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Simply awesome.
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Thanks for this! I really enjoyed Genghis Blues "Tuva or bust"
( a blind american throatsinger/blues player,wins a pony!)
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I love the blues/throat singing on the Genghis Blues soundtrack, but not so keen on Arthur Miles. Cool post though ... thanks kenko!
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There is a Mongolian ensemble that uses a lot of throat singing that you can hear some samples of here (check out the "Altai Praise Song") with more info on them on the h2g2

It is quite fun to play for other people and have them try to guess just what the hell it actually is.
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Oh, and make sure you listen to "Khoomii" which is pretty unbelieveable considering that that is a human singing that.
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so very cool. thanks kenko.

i think some of the tibetan (and perhaps other) styles are actually undertones/subharmonics rather than overtones/harmonics.

however, they're all fascinating, and amazing to hear. thanks again.
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A human and a string bass or cello-like instrument, I hope. Or is it all human?
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In fact the mechanism of vocal undertones is completely different from that of overtones (harmonics). To produce a normal tone, you blow between your vocal chords, which flap flap flap transversally. If you "hold them loosely" then they may also jiggle longitudinally. Do it well, and you get audible undertones.

Do it long enough, and you can seriously damage your vocal chords, apparently. (Or so I've heard; no luck Googling.)

The guy I linked above, Bernard Dubreuil, flew some Tuvans to Canada to have them swallow laparoscopes and confirm the mechanism just described.
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