yes, you would need a tv to care
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Oceanic Air cancels all its flights after the disappearance of Flight 815. Another website related to the Lost television series, similar to Drive Shaft or the classic What Badgers Eat.
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Lost explained. "All of the characters in Lost are in Zork. The whole show is one giant text adventure game."
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first thing i did i looked for was an mp3s section on the driveshaft website ;)

someone should really record a version of (you all) everybody and post it there.
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I don't get the game. How many times am I supposed to feed it the woodpecker before something happens?
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The "hidden" messages on the Oceanic Airlines site are overly similar to those on the I Love Bees/Halo 2 site. Except with less significance. And I read the entire front page source looking for cool stuff, with no luck aside from the two messages.
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I like the google-maps-style script page. Did that bees site have that too?
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Also: mapinguari.
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4 8 15 16 23 42
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The interesting stuff on Oceanic Air isn't really on that front page.

The interesting stuff is the trailer for Season 2. ;)
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<sort of spoilers>
If you enter the evil numbers WolfDaddy mentioned as the number of passengers on the main page, you're taken here. Then if you click on a seat in any of those numbered rows, it brings up info on some of the passengers. Oh, and view the html source on each of the pages to read a couple of the survivors' messages that went in the bottle. No real plot hints, but still pretty cool (if you're a fan of the show).
</sort of spoilers>

I know, I know, viral marketing and all, but I *heart* Lost.
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I believe it's actually What Badger Seat. Like "What badger seat?" as though the person saying it had just been told about THE badger seat, which said person had never heard of.
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All right, I'm one of those people who haven't seen this show but it seems like something I'd like (I might be the one person who got excited about Push, Nevada). Does anybody recommend a good cliff notes site for the show?
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where's the trailer for season 2????
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How to get to the trailer(skip if you don't like spoilers):

In the ages section, enter 4,8,14, 15, 16 23, 42

Then, when it brings up the seating chart, click on the row numbers in that order. That brought up the trailer for me.
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Does anybody recommend a good cliff notes site for the show?

That's a really poor idea. Just watch the DVDs in September. Or start watching the Summer reruns starting this Wednesday.
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drezdn, if you look enough, you can find LOST for download. Try

My friend recorded the episodes since I don't have TV. I'm really glad that I got to watch them all at once rather than suffer through weeks of suspense only to be disappointed.

Don't get me started about how addictive but frustrating LOST is. I'm sure you all agree.
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err. Staggering Jack, rather
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Is it me, or is this more of the LOST "Hey, this is going to be really cool! ...Wait, psych!" stuff? I bet the 'They're not the survivors they THOUGHT they were' thing is going to turn out to mean that they've all gained weight, or something.
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"They're not the survivors they thought they were" is the producers' way of saying "you ain't seen nothing yet." The "others" that the French Chick refers to are survivors or their descendants who have lived on the island longer than she has. So if the survivors of Flight 815 started patting themselves on the backs for making it six months, they're gonna realize that compared to people who've survived on the island for decades, they're just not the survivors they thought they were. They're the newbies. The fresh meat. The greenhorns at this surviving game.

But then, Joan of Arcadia tried to give off the same vibe at the end of its first year, and its second year was mostly lackluster, so we should perhaps by now be used to disappointment.
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"six months" uhm.. er, I meant to say "forty days" or whatever, since the time factor of the series is not consistent with reality. Time's passed a lot slower in the show. To the characters it's still 2004.
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Is there an episode guide for those interested in the story but not interested enough to sit and watch 42 minutes per episode?
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Yes, Tacodog, there is.

Also, there's a site out there that ties together the survivors in an easy to read format.

Online forum where the stars and creators hang out.
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These links have reminded me of some really cool Doctor Who links, that now I can't find. One for U.N.I.T., which you can log into if you know the password, and the website by the conspiracy nut from the first episode.

Can anyone help me out?

Also, is it just me, or does that forum look remarkably like the Bronze? I had noticed David Fury was writing for Lost, but didn't know there were any other connections to Buffy.
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Did anyone find this image from the front page? It looks like a revision script page - due to the different color - different revisions have different page color - to the season finale. However, what happens in that script page didn't happen in the season finale. And it is on J.J. Abram's letterhead.
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I've become completely addicted to Lost... unfortunately for me, I'm in a country that's half a season behind in terms of TV. We didn't just have the finale, we're only 11 episodes in.

This isn't bad in and of itself, but I've broken down and read all the spoilers I can find as I'm moving back to the US before season 2 starts there and before season 1 ends here. Damn you television for sucking me in!

And why god why do the season 1 DVDs come out after season 2 starts? WHY GOD WHY?
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grapefruitmoon - not to suggest it or anything, but the season is available by bittorrent.

I too, could only see half a season, and couldn't help but read the plot summaries on. But I won't read anything as detailed as the TV without Pity recaps until I've actually seen the episode - they are much funnier after.
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