Musical Curiosities, Obscurities and other Unearthed Treasures
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Rummage Through The Crevices (Musical Curiosities, Obscurities and other Unearthed Treasures) is "a weekly community radio segment (Friday mornings, 2SER-FM, Sydney, Australia) devoted to offbeat and outsider music, less travelled paths of global pop, interesting re-issued treasures, music-sharing activists, notable and unusual online mp3 repositories, etc. This webloggy thing is its online companion."
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wow. the telegraph wire music is mindblowing. Thanks, Taz.
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5{p:// ">This Is Good!

"But the postings that Oddball Auditorium is most “famous” for are Coo Coo Bird and Hush Puppy Hush, two tracks of rambling backwoods vocals buried underneath a borderline-psychotic sound collage. The tracks are from a battered old 45 by Wee Willie Shantz, which site curator John Fitzpatrick has called “The World’s Strangest Record”… Here’s his description of it:

Can you imagine John Cage jamming with Negativland inside a moving boxcar full of victrolas... or perhaps an old backwoods codger, swigging mash whiskey from a facejar, has been working on these songs for 40 years and he finally got a chance to record them, but the only band he could find was a family of occultists who live at the junkyard. Anyway this record has it all -- prepared sound objects, recording manipulation, sing-speak vocal somewhere between nursery rhyme and shaman ritual, semi-aleatoric stringed instruments, and even a sublime saxophone solo.

I just downloaded these two tracks and sure enough, the description fits.
taz, you just made my day.
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D'oh! I swear on a stack of Wee Willie Shatz 45s the above HTML worked on preview!

This is what I was trying to point to.
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[this is good] - thanks, taz - this is going in my bookmarks, love it!
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Can't thank you enough for this. I'm new to MeFi-Land and a couple weeks ago my buddy'd sent me a link to the "She Be She Strike" entry and I couldn't for the life of me remember where I'd seen it. But, lo and behold, there it is. Hotdog.
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