They came from the office supply cabinet...
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Tape Babies. The Tape Species are generally passive and although they regard themselves as art objects do enjoy human interface. They also enjoy climbing trees, tearing down signs and floating luminously through the air. [via]
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Creepy but cool. I would definitely not like to wake up to one of these things sitting above me.
posted by fenriq at 11:20 AM on May 31, 2005

If I ran across those floating fetii on the street I'd probably mistake them for somekind of subtle abortion protest. If such a thing existed.
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I love them, especially the one tearing down the sign.

So far, since I joined, there have been articles about two subjects which I recently photographed. I never expected the trifecta to be tape sculpture!

I really will make a post some time that doesn't link to my photos.
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we should start an anti-obvious movement. oh wait, there's always minimalism.
these are quite nice, humorous and strange. I love instillations.
posted by slimslowslider at 11:47 AM on May 31, 2005 and my brother used to make (ugly) little tape dolls when we were kids. cool to see someone run with it.
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Those things really gave me the shivers for some reason. If I saw one on the street, I'd probably end up in one of the photos looking really weird by nervously keeping my distance.
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I think these things are ok so long as they don't dance.
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How are they made?
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The tape babies are cute, but I don't get the spider-looking thingies.
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I think my favorite is the man constructing himself
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I liked the comment: "Now I become envy to have it in my parties too...."
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"I think my favorite is the man constructing himself

Talk about a self-made man!

/Thank you, I'll be here all week
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Coming soon...Jim Henson's Tape Babies

Tape Baby Looney Tunes

Shorties Tapin' Shorties

Look Who's Taping Now!

Three Duct Tape Men and a Tape Baby

...OK, over that.
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This actually reminds me of the Pedestrian Project, a performance art piece in which the players dressed in costumes that were designed to look exactly like the pedestrian figures you see on street signs. You can see a photo here.
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