The seedy darkside of....Video Game World Records.
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The Golden Era Missile Command Challenge! The Epic Battle of Billy Mitchell vs. Mr. Awesome (Roy Shildt), in which, Pac-Man Champion and renowned creator of Rickey's Chicken Wing Hot Sauce, Billy Mitchell, has his status as "Player of the Century" challenged by Missile Command record holder and arch-nemesis, Roy Shildt. Funspot Classic Games Message Board For World Record Holders CLOSED Because of too much airing out of dirty laundry. Below: Conversations With [Roy Shildt,] Guinness Book Missile Command Champion, who is always in hot water with Twin Galaxies due to his accusations and fight to stay on the scoreboard. He has apologized, even though Mitchell has moved on, insisting that "his passion for winning has abated somewhat, or at least shifted." ... "Now," he says, "I bring my passion to the sauce." Billy Mitchell never gives up." (Warning: Crazy site design and information overload! Be sure to scrooooooll down)
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OMG That Spielberg leaning on the Missile Command console picture (somewhere in the middle) is my new desktop wallpaper.
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Roy explains himself.
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This one and this one are my personal favorites.
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Better version here. Billy Mitchell, a world-famous video game player, is pictured in 1999 in Tokyo with Masaya Nakamura, the father of Pac-Man. Mitchell is known for scoring Pac-Man's first perfect game. Mitchell is the type of person that competitions and other video game events would attract, say officials.
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From the Roy explains himself link:

"Billy was pissed and later took my gym bag and hid it in a trash can"

I can't decide if he's talking about the 80s or present day and somehow get the feeling that the statement would be representative of either.

I'd like to see modern day gamers take on some of the classic games, for comparison.
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For Entertainment Use Only
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"Passion" and "sauce" shouldn't be in the same sentence.
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MetaFilter: I'm trying to be polite, but it appears that my intentions are being misconscrewed [sic].
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My favorite aspect of this whole ordeal is how it reminds me that at one point in our country's history, kids like this...could be GODS!

I'm compelled to order Mr. Awesome's "autobiography", even though I'm a little scared to send him money. But alas, the "Awesomobile" beckons.
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Saturday, April 03, 2004 - 07:39 pm Post by Anonymous
Perfect Pacman = Silly Bitchell

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Saturday, April 03, 2004 - 08:09 pm Post by Roy Shildt

This is what happened everyone...
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"Now, the big question...WHY does Roy keep trying to associate himself with Bill and Todd ? Answer is obvious."

Todd Rogers
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