State of the Beach
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Surfrider is a nonprofit environmental organization that produces a annual "State of the Beach" (explanation here) report with information about US beach access (public access and private ownership issues), water quality, beach erosion, surfing, links and more. Reports are available for Hawaii, West Coast, Gulf States, Southeast, Mid Atlantic, Puerto Rico, Northeast and Great Lakes. In-depth Water Quality reports for beaches in CA, HI, TX, AL, and parts of FL, as well as results of beach water testing conducted by (or sanctioned by) Surfrider Chapters are also available. There are also Surfrider chapters in: Australia, Brazil, Canada (no website), Europe and Japan. EPA: Beaches is also an excellent resource for information about the condition of US beaches. [via LII New This Week]
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Yeah, but what about The West Virginia Surf Report?
posted by klangklangston at 8:38 PM on June 5, 2005

Surfrider's everywhere in Southern California, but I didn't realize they were national. Jewel used to raise money for them fairly regularly.

not that that should be held against them.
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Seems a bit old hat, but good condensation of relevant links and excellent subject matter. Definitely best of the web.

I give this post a 9.4.

(It would have been a 10 if you'd just stuck the landing)
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I hit the lip, wasn't that enough?
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Helicopter views of California coast (from Oregon /Mexico)
warning clicking on image opens HUGE high res image.
this is my favorite beach to watch surfing.
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A new assessment of UK beach quality was released last week by the Marine Conservation Society.
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[this is good] My wife and I have been members of Surfrider since we lived in Washington State in the 90s, and have even contributed to the effort in cleaning up the Sound here in Connecticut. Thanks for posting this, this is an excellent org that more people should know about.
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