Shouldn't you cook salmon in your dishwasher?
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Shouldn't you cook salmon in your dishwasher? Poaching fish in the dishwasher is a virtually foolproof way to shock your friends, prepare a succulent meal, and do the dishes—all at the same time. Not all of the The Surreal Gourmet's offerings are quite so weird, but they might, as he claims, make you into a culinary hero.
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The Surreal Gourmet was cool until he started doing those Mrs. Dash commercials.
posted by greasy_skillet at 7:58 PM on June 6, 2005

You can also wash your computer keyboard in the dishwasher (according to a recent flurry of posts on BoingBoing). And a greasy skillet cleans up nicely, so long as its not cast iron, then you have rusty skillet.
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The galloping gourmet did the poaching fish in the dishwasher thing back in the 60’s. (watch too much Food Network)
posted by arse_hat at 8:34 PM on June 6, 2005

I am so going to hate myself for jumping at this easy joke...
And the Frugal Gourmet did the Surreal Gourmet back in the '70s.
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I believe it was watching the fifth rerun of the Tool Man poaching salmon in his dishwasher that led me to dropping my TV off the porch roof.
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Bob Blummer should be tried and shot for crimes against cuisine. The funny thing is he is such a hack that he kinda was on the vanguard of the whole food as art movement that's so popular at the moment, but was never bright enough to realize what was happening around him. Ferra was. He is a visionary for realizing that conceptual art and cooking are not mutually exclusive, only his lack of talent led to his greatest triumph, "Shrimp on a Barbie" which after you get over the hilarious and thought provoking act of serving deep fried shrimp between Barbies spread thighs, is not more than a Long John Silvers menu item with some plastic staturay on the side.
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"And the Frugal Gourmet did the Surreal Gourmet back in the '70s." oh dear, wendell. oh dear.
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" serving deep fried shrimp between Barbies spread thighs" Garlic buttered lobster works much better.
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Ooooh ooh, ireallywannatrythis!!!!

But like most people with props in the kitchen, i do not want people who eat my food to think i am a total crackpot who will one day poison them.
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they really should make clear that you're not supposed to use detergent when running the "normal" cycle.
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Pruner, I thought that as well...and saying you can do dishes while cooking the fish is very misleading. Sure, the fish is wrapped up, but I don't trust aluminum foil that much.
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I hope my next apartment has a dishwasher in the kitchen -- I so want to try this.
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My question is; heated dry setting?
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Once you've mastered this, try a cooking a pot roast on your crankcase on the next long road trip you're taking.
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Reminds me of Marinetti's Futurist Cookbook, but not as crazy and cool. (Oh, and without the Fascism.)
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I'm wondering if I can try this dishwasher trick with smaller mammals, like a Laotian Rock Rat, a hedgehog, or even a pot-bellied pig.
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mmm... poodle.
posted by crunchland at 10:51 AM on June 7, 2005

I just moved to a place with a dishwasher and am rather fond of salmon...
posted by Specklet at 10:53 AM on June 7, 2005

Oh great. Surrealism. Now I have to stand in the tea chest. ya put soap in when you poach the salmon?
posted by Smedleyman at 12:52 PM on June 7, 2005

I did this once, it worked very well. That was in the early 70's.

I heard this attributed to Vincent Price (RIP), who made horror on the screen and wrote cooking books.
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