It'll end in tears
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Play with me [interactive QuickTime]. From Vanessa Sowerwine who recently got a Special Mention at Cannes for Clara.
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That was terrifying.
posted by danb at 9:55 PM on June 6, 2005

wah! I killed her!
posted by noizyboy at 9:57 PM on June 6, 2005

The first set of choices I made ended with her scraping her eyes out with shards of the teapot.

I think, mostly because of the whole "uncanny valley" feel of it, that I just may have some trouble getting to sleep. But then, that's just me. *scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape . . .*
posted by jenovus at 9:58 PM on June 6, 2005

I am so incredibly depressed now. I guess "It'll end in tears" should've clued me in.

Nice Heathers reference, though -- intentional or not.
posted by damn yankee at 10:00 PM on June 6, 2005

That makes my heart hurt.
posted by Jon-o at 10:09 PM on June 6, 2005

The removing her smock and crying thing is even more creepy than the drano thing.
posted by arse_hat at 10:15 PM on June 6, 2005

Wow. I went thru them all and they're all fucked. Very creepy.
posted by dobbs at 10:34 PM on June 6, 2005

I love this kind of stuff. Creepy. I'm reminded of the Gashleycrumb Tinies.
posted by mikeweeney at 10:54 PM on June 6, 2005

All the trailer for Clara is missing is BOB...
posted by meech at 11:24 PM on June 6, 2005

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

And it's not even 7 AM on the East Coast. Guess I'll have to wait a couple weeks to try this.
posted by alumshubby at 3:48 AM on June 7, 2005

Someone remember to double post this in July. I'm trying to unclutter my bookmarks.
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Is anyone else more interested in the fact that it's done with quicktime? I wasn't aware of the hypercard-like nature of MOV files until now. It reminds me of how Myst worked, though, so maybe I am familiar with it, just didn't connect the two.

Also, the only way I got to scenes dealing with the monkey were by hard-scrolling. Was the monkey glowing?

Er... yeah...was it?
posted by odinsdream at 8:33 PM on June 7, 2005

the monkey indeed glows.. fwiw, QuickTime has been able to do interactive stuff for awhile - afaik, the Now Playing or whatever thing that comes up when you fire up QT is built using it. the site's back up, and the rest of her (his?) stuff is quite wonderfully twisted as well, IMHO
posted by mrg at 9:19 PM on June 7, 2005

odinsdream - Yes, the monkey glows. And yeah, I hadn't seen the interactive capabilities if MOV files used before. Was Myst built using QuickTime? I'm happy to see the site is back up.
on preview - mrg, you beat me to it.
posted by tellurian at 9:29 PM on June 7, 2005

Besides the obvious disturbing aspect of this piece, there's a remarkable ammount of skill in the animation. It's just a plastic doll, and the expressions still manage to creep you out. The slight head tilt or change in the way the eyebrows are drawn are very effective. Like bunraku, this never ceases to amaze me.
posted by Elsbet at 5:15 PM on June 15, 2005

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