Presidential candidates may have to play a hand of poker
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Presidential candidates may have to play a hand of poker to determine the winner of New Mexico. I am not making this up.
posted by Succa (21 comments total)
If Gore or Bush prefer, they could settle it by drawing straws, flipping a coin, drawing a high card, or anything else they can agree on. I vote for Twister.
posted by waxpancake at 4:08 PM on November 14, 2000

I say a game of "Win, Lose, or Draw", where Gore is on a team with Richard Simmons and Whoopi Goldberg, and Bush is on a team with Teller (of Penn and Teller) and Anna Nicole Smith.

The show should be hosted by David Hasselhoff.
posted by Succa at 4:18 PM on November 14, 2000

Bush is the more lanky, so he'd win at Twister
posted by rschram at 4:18 PM on November 14, 2000

How about Politcal Squares? Then Bush could be heard to say, "I'll take Whoopie for the block."
posted by amanda at 4:20 PM on November 14, 2000

I say a caged deathmatch should settle the score. Think of the pay-per view revenues!
posted by Hackworth at 4:23 PM on November 14, 2000

God bless this country.

this takes me back to the old days of the republic.

I swear, this election has awakened more enthusiasm in me for our system, and (in particular, states rights) than anything else ever has.

can you see the look on either of these guy's faces if, knowing that they have lost the electoral college, they have to draw straws anyway to decide NM? I *love* this country.

posted by rebeccablood at 4:41 PM on November 14, 2000

This is way to surreal...out too late, into the office to late...haven't had a read that headline and the article just burst some weird thing in my brain. That is the most awesome thing i have heard today. In most countries in the world today they would just see who the army is more loyal to............

"ahhh, we tied"
"yes, but look out your window, see that tank in the flowerbed?"
posted by th3ph17 at 4:58 PM on November 14, 2000

that is honestly the coolest thing i have seen all day...
posted by phunkone at 5:23 PM on November 14, 2000

I think a duel with pistols is the best way to resolve this. If it's good enough for Hamilton, it should be good enough for these bums. One way or another this election must end in bloodshed.
posted by pb at 5:50 PM on November 14, 2000

I say Quake III Arena. Better yet, make Lieberman play.
posted by solistrato at 6:42 PM on November 14, 2000

The catch, of course, is that these guys have to agree on what game they're gonna play -- and that alone could take weeks. Gore's camp would be lobbying hard for chess, while Bush would insist upon Yahtzee.

Personally, I'd like to make 'em play a round of Mystery Date.
posted by jjg at 6:47 PM on November 14, 2000

One word: Thunderdome
posted by Optamystic at 7:32 PM on November 14, 2000

Someone call Fox!

"Who wants to be a President?"

Is that your final answer, Mr. Gore? Heh.
posted by fraying at 8:08 PM on November 14, 2000

oh, for god's sake. i'm leaving albuquerque, you guys know that? this is insane.
posted by sugarfish at 8:09 PM on November 14, 2000

Yawn. Succa, don' t you realize that this is the 2,061st thread posted to Metafilter where someone has said "I am not making this up"? and that's just since Wednesday last.
posted by dhartung at 10:24 PM on November 14, 2000

Would it be better if I said "I am TOTALLY inventing this!" ?
posted by Succa at 11:24 PM on November 14, 2000

Kids, Memepool just last month presented a solution to this: rock, paper, scissors.

However, I think that Dubya would have difficulty comprehending the advanced version which adds Spock and lizard.
posted by Avogadro at 5:49 AM on November 15, 2000

succa, I was kidding, conceptually. Nothing personal.
posted by dhartung at 8:55 AM on November 15, 2000

Of course you were kidding. I mean, NOBODY says "I am not making this up." I am an original!
posted by Succa at 9:58 AM on November 15, 2000

In the future, all disputes will be handled via the Thunderdome.
2 men enter, one man leaves.
Clinton plays sax in the background.
posted by metasak at 11:44 AM on November 15, 2000

does MSNBC *always* recycle their URLs so quickly? I was telling the chairman of my company (quite the Republican, he is) about this story last night and he accused me of making it up, so back I came to metafilter for my documentary proof, and lo and behold it was gone. My honor is besmirched.

not that anyone's reading this thread anymore, but I felt compelled to go digging for the referenced law, and here 'tis, straight from the New Mexico Statutes Annotated, 1978 compilation:

1-13-11. Post-election duties; tie vote.

In the event of a tie vote between any candidates in the election for the same office, the determination as to which of the candidates shall be declared to have been nominated or elected shall be decided by lot. The method of determining by lot shall be agreed upon by a majority of a committee consisting of the tied candidates, the county chairmen of the political parties that participated in the election and the district judge. The county canvassing board shall issue the certificate of nomination or election to the candidate chosen by lot.

courtesy of .
posted by Sapphireblue at 7:54 AM on November 16, 2000

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