Ted Nugent has no idea what this shit means
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Algorithmic composition is a method of composing music using basic alogrithm models to compose. Musicalgorithms is a program designed to allow composers a tool to explore algorithmic composition and lay people the opportunity to create music based on non-musical models.
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That's a damn impressive set of tools, especially considering it's all done through a web interface.
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That's pretty cool. A friend and I worked on a music-generating program a little while ago. I started out by writing a table with each of the seven diatonic chords, and assigning each one a percentage for how likely it was to move to another chord. i.e., the ii chord goes to V 50% of the time, to vi 20% of the time, or whatever. I added a few non-diatonic chords for a bit of flavor, he programmed it for four voices restricted to SATB ranges, and made each voice move to the nearest chord tone in the following chord, and we let it go. It sounded pretty neat. We were going to add non-harmonic tones and key changes and stuff, but we got bored.
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Brings to mind what Sseyo offers. Koan Pro is cool stuff.
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This is a great post. I'm going to have fun poking around this site. Thank you so much, DeepFriedTwinkies.
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