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Willworkforawife.org He's been getting some play in the MSM, and he's easily as entertaining as Tom & Katie. He owns a bitchin' Corvette.
posted by fixedgear (20 comments total)
He misspelled compatible. Go figure.
posted by rhizome23 at 9:29 AM on June 17, 2005

(Does anybody know where the "MSM" meme got started? I feel like I'm seeing it everywhere this week.)
posted by digaman at 9:37 AM on June 17, 2005

"A true Husband loves his Wife unconditionally like the Word of God requires."

What a dipshit.

(And what is "MSM" anyway?)
posted by davy at 9:41 AM on June 17, 2005

He made a LOT of typos, actually.

It was a fun read, especially since I learned something! That women are owned not by men, but by GOD!

I'm glad I now know who my master is.

(Why is there nothing listed under "What I want?" Is he trying to make a statement, or has he not gotten to that point yet?)
posted by agregoli at 9:48 AM on June 17, 2005

"MSM" means two things. "Main stream media" and "I am a douchbag." :P

Actualy it's a term from the right-wing blogs, which is a stand in for "Liberal media" or "media that is not as cool as the navel-gazing rightwing blogosphere"

Also, this guy is a trucker.
posted by delmoi at 9:52 AM on June 17, 2005

Best of the Web again? What's so interesting about big personal ads? It's no longer 1999 when such a thing would have been unusual ...
posted by homodigitalis at 10:02 AM on June 17, 2005

I'm glad I'm not this loser. It's nice to have a link like this every so often so we can all feel better about ourselves!
posted by illuminatus at 10:08 AM on June 17, 2005

You know, he could use the intarnets to just order himself up one of those little Asian brides, I hear they are trained to be all subservient and perfect and all that. Until you fall asleep and they chop off your dick, steal your credit cards and take off in your Camaro. But it appears to me that this guy kind of deserves that.

Woot! If he only had a stripped shirt on here, he'd totally get some action. Damn, a Corvette AND a semi? Phew, my heart goes pitter patter. And I'm not even gay.
posted by fenriq at 10:15 AM on June 17, 2005

"MSM" means two things. "Main stream media" and "I am a douchbag."

Alternatively, "I regularly post at freerepublic and I'm choosing to disregard this information." Not sure how that contracts into MSM, tho.
posted by iron chef morimoto at 10:15 AM on June 17, 2005

Damn, that Camaro reference should be a damned Corvette reference. See, he's got my wires all crossed with his smoky hunkiness.
posted by fenriq at 10:16 AM on June 17, 2005

Nice photo, fenriq.

...at.... work... must... resist... urge to masturbate furiously...
posted by iron chef morimoto at 10:17 AM on June 17, 2005

Too bad he wasn't wearing sandals & socks in that bitchin' pic. Else I'd have to set him up with my sister. Have to.
posted by jsavimbi at 10:29 AM on June 17, 2005

Wait, so "MSM" is considered to be a racial slur now?
posted by eatitlive at 10:34 AM on June 17, 2005

racial slur?! huh?

I want this guy almost as much as i want Curry. meowr!
posted by shmegegge at 10:44 AM on June 17, 2005

MSM also means Man [who] Sleep [with] Men in the STD/epidemiology world. It always throws me to see it in this other context. At first I thought the link would be interesting because what would a man who sleeps with men want with a wife...but then I clicked through and saw...the awesome leather man picture of him with that vest. Then it all came clear. Thanks fixedgear.
posted by OmieWise at 11:03 AM on June 17, 2005

Man [who] Sleeps [with] Men. I'm glad I left my snarky comments about his lack of proofreading out of my first comment.
posted by OmieWise at 11:04 AM on June 17, 2005

Is today deformed animal day? First, this guy's dog, which has (massive) testicles in its throat...

...then a two-faced cat?
posted by Speck at 11:21 AM on June 17, 2005

Loving one's wife unconditionally is really a shitty thing to think god requires. Much better to think that god requires that he beats his wife and locks her in the basement and throws hamsters at her. Love sure is a crock, eh?
posted by hototogisu at 11:41 AM on June 17, 2005

He's a horrible speller, but I think it's kind of cute. If I were into a older, christian, hunter, trucker, testicle-wearing dog-lover, I would be into his site. He's honest, seems kind (except to the animals he hunts), and is sick of the b-s. Again, not my type of guy by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I think this is better than many of these types of things.

***runs spellchecker***
posted by aacheson at 1:27 PM on June 17, 2005

His spelling is atrocious, he misuses apostrophes and he's a God-bothering nitwit. Form an orderly queue, ladies.
posted by Decani at 2:45 PM on June 17, 2005

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