After Microsoft and Napster, Boies tackles Bush.
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After Microsoft and Napster, Boies tackles Bush. Did anyone catch this? I noticed this morning on NBC that David Boies, who has represented IBM (versus the DOJ), the Yankees, the DOJ (versus Microsoft), and Napster, is now representing Al Gore. Wacky stuff.
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Well, let's see: Al "the-black-goo-morphing-alien" Gore (1) invented the internet - which gave birth to Napster - and (2) re-invented government - where the DOJ lurks - and (3) has always had his eyes on Hillary - who wants every NY-er to think she loves the Yankees - and (4) speaks with all the vitality of paper plate - sorta like a Bill Gates comment imbedded deep in some Microsoft source code - and (5) really loves tv commercials - like all those new, hip IBM laptop ads --- so YES, it is no surprise that Boies is his man now!

...they probably play Yatzee together.
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The question then becomes:

How much time does Boies have on his hands? Does he sleep? I was under the impression that in order to be successful as an attorney one had to spend at least a little bit of time on each case.

Hmm. Maybe if I'd graduated from college I would know these things.
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I just hope Boies puts the smack down on Harris the way he says he will. he sounded awfully smug for someone with so few apparent options.
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