Making Waves
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Resonata - A Wave Machine [Java]
posted by Gyan (13 comments total)
I had internet radio going when I clicked the link, and it went together really well.
posted by mystyk at 1:52 PM on June 21, 2005

Cool! Sorta similar to sodaplay.
posted by Who_Am_I at 2:29 PM on June 21, 2005

That is very cool, and yeah, reminds me of sodaplay.
posted by Specklet at 3:01 PM on June 21, 2005

man i remember when these sorts of daliances were all over the place. now they're few and far between.
posted by destro at 3:08 PM on June 21, 2005

That's a fun toy. Thanks for posting it!
posted by Malor at 3:27 PM on June 21, 2005

Thanks. I just sat there and looked at it for 20 minutes.
posted by mert at 3:31 PM on June 21, 2005

Way cool! Thanks for this!
posted by nickyskye at 3:40 PM on June 21, 2005

this is awesome, thank you.

increasing the "depth" setting is fantastic.
posted by mayfly wake at 5:35 PM on June 21, 2005

trippy...this can't be good for your eyes...
posted by merc at 5:36 PM on June 21, 2005

It is fascinating to see the perturbations which arise from having the energy inserted into a circular system from one point. Try it on the 5th harmonic. It is easier to understand what is going on if there is only a single line showing.

Wish I had this when I was studying physical chemistry.

Thanks for the post mystyk
posted by RMALCOLM at 6:25 PM on June 21, 2005

Wonderful, Gyan! I highly recommend these settings:

Image hosted by

Be sure to click "reset" after you select these parameters.
posted by taz at 11:46 PM on June 21, 2005

Actually, set the "driver position" to 89.
posted by taz at 11:49 PM on June 21, 2005

WOW!!! That's amazing taz, trippy parameters! Thanks
posted by nickyskye at 5:10 AM on June 22, 2005

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