New Yorker to get Web site in January
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New Yorker to get Web site in January along with other Conde Nast magazines, officially becoming last publications on Earth to launch online.
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Time-Life had much the same problem a year or two ago with their "pathfinder" site. They weren't going to push any of their individual titles -- you know, the titles everyone was familiar with -- instead, they had this aggregator creation. To the relief, no doubt, of millions, the thing was eventually scrubbed and now just re-directs you to
posted by leo at 6:17 AM on November 16, 2000

But will they use Blogger to publish the sites?
posted by anildash at 9:16 AM on November 16, 2000

Does this include Wired? Or will they continue to let an intern over at Terra Lycos handle it all?
posted by captaincursor at 9:32 AM on November 16, 2000

No, Anil, but they plan to have Roz Chast and Malcolm Gladwell carry on an electronic flirtation until one crosses the country to live near the other.
posted by dhartung at 12:32 PM on November 16, 2000

If their current crop of sites (including the Vogue network and GQ) is any indication, prepare to be wholly undwhelmed. Not to mention four years late.
posted by capt.crackpipe at 12:53 PM on November 16, 2000

Just because they can, doesn't mean they should.
posted by thirdball at 3:45 PM on November 16, 2000

Hey, you've got to admire them for waiting for all the other publications to find out whether it was an enormous money sink with no bottom-line benefit.
posted by kindall at 5:21 PM on November 16, 2000

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