Der Spiegel interview with Surkov (2nd to Putin)
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"The West Doesn't Have To Love Us"
Der Spielgel conducts a wide ranging interview with Vladislav Surkov, chief Kremlin strategist and Russia's 2nd most powerful politician behind President Putin. He comments on Chechnya, internal politics and rebellion, Russia's relationship with the west, the disappointment with the failure of progress since the fall of communism in 1991 and his role in establishing the pro-Kremlin Nashi youth organization, who have recently become very vocal and active in a grassroots nationalist campaign.
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The "Nashi youth organization" link is a copy of the Moscow Times article of 16.5.05 - now unavailable without payment.
posted by peacay at 5:37 AM on June 23, 2005

"Nashi"? Really?

Not the most reassuring name...
posted by delmoi at 8:43 AM on June 23, 2005

"Nashi"? Really?

I find it really strange that Russians are tuning into Rush Limbaugh.
posted by nervousfritz at 10:08 AM on June 23, 2005

Jesus. Nashi is just Russian for 'ours, our people.' Ah well, we live for the pointless snark here at MeFi. As far as the actual article is concerned:
The West doesn't have to love us. In fact, we should ask ourselves more often why people are so suspicious of us. After all, the West isn't a charity organization. How have we been perceived for centuries? As a huge, warlike realm ruled by despots -- first by the czars and then Bolsheviks. Why should anyone have loved us? If we want to be accepted, we have to do something in return. And it's an art that we have yet to master.
He's no dummy. And this is an excellent concise description of the entire history of Russian government:
Our average bureaucrat has an archaic understanding of the technology of power. He imagines it as a vertical line with a telephone at the top and a telephone at the bottom, and that's how the country is governed.
But he's no Mr. Nice Guy either: "You yourself once said that a superior's request is to be interpreted as an order." Surkov: "That's my personal quirk." And his father is Chechen: interesting. Good post; thanks, peacay.
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The West doesn't have to love us

Cue Dusty Springfield...

You don't have to say you love me
Just be close at hand
posted by fixedgear at 4:47 PM on June 23, 2005

All Things Considered had something on the Nashi today. It was kind of creepy. Sort of like their version of college Republicans.
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